How To Never Run Out of Gift Ideas

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15 December 2014 / By / 9 Comments




Nowadays everywhere you click on the internet the story is pretty much the same – Christmas Gifts Ideas. Which might prove pretty handy if you`re in a shopping frenzy but without any idea of what gifts to buy. But how about a few tips & tricks on how to never run out of gift ideas?


Here are mine and through the years proved to be pretty helpful:


  • I am making a list of the people I have to buy gifts for in September. Yes, September because it gives me time to think without any rush madness at what should I buy this year for everybody


  • I believe in useful and practical gifts so I always buy something that the person would use in that moment of his/her life. I mean, I know a hair dryer might not be as glam as a photo frame but it`s something my friend needs so I buy the hair dryer


  • If I absolutely can`t figure out what to buy for someone I write them a letter telling them that they have a X sum credit at the Morodan Bank and that I`m waiting for them to tell me where he/she wants to spend it


  • And yes, I am by all means avoiding all the hectic shopping and the crowded malls two weeks before Christmas – I don`t have time to waste so I managed and got one of the Alpha Bank  credit cards and  I hate wasting money so if I use one of the 3 cards – Alpha Card Visa Credit, Alpha MasterCard or Alpha Visa Gold, at all my buys over 100 lei I get 10% back – so I am a smart shopper also, see?


So? What do you think about my Christmas shopping optimizing strategy? I must admit, it proves pretty helpful for me. This is the third year of applying it and it works like magic.




Speaking about magic/Christmas and presents I have a surprise under my sleeve, a contest and here`s how it works: You have to subscribe here – then 3 of you will be selected by and each of you will win a gift voucher of 100 lei to spend in Baneasa Shopping City. You can find out if you won on the 31th of December and get your prize right after.




 Make sure you read the terms and conditions here

Also, Alpha Bank has 10 Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphones if you apply for one of the 3 cards. The phone will also be given by


Good luck and let me know how you`ve managed with smart shopping organizing these holidays.












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  1. oana alexandra says:

    wow, cata organizare! poate-mi iese si mie la anul!

  2. Anca says:

    super idee

  3. Madalina Dontu says:

    10% inapoi mi se pare extraordinar 🙂

  4. georgia may says:

    I love Christmas and giving everyone presents 🙂

  5. Marta says:

    ma inscriu negresit, ar fi dragut sa fie asta cadoul meu de Craciun

  6. Mihaela says:

    I love this ideea of buying presents in advance so you don’t have to rush or go in the stores fully packed with people running like crasy 🙂

  7. Damiana Ene says:

    in fiecare an incerc sa cumpar cadourile mai devreme dar cumva niciodata nu-mi iese cum trrbuie

  8. sonya says:

    I’m such a shopaholic in December I think I need all 3!!!!!

  9. danamalina says:

    ce idee tare

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