How #TheMOffice teaches Me to Love Christmas

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24 December 2016 / By / 17 Comments

Christmas is around the corner and you already know I’m not the biggest fan. It’s the hysteria of shopping, it’s that ‘We have to be kind and think of the people in need‘ obligation that comes up relentlessly on everyone’s lips only around Christmas, when it should be alive in our minds and hearts all year round. There’s a certain subtle hypocrisy to it which doesn’t speak to me. The mountains of food in front of which I can’t stay strong, the 300 Christmas messages…THE THOUSANDS OF TREES THAT ARE ILLEGALLY CUT (did you know that only 0.01 % of the Christmas trees worldwide come from growing farms? Of which I don’t approve by the way – please buy artificial trees people, they look impeccable and you can use them forever – great investment I would say) just for the sake of a stupid tradition which has nothing to do with religion. I don’t believe in Santa anymore…Fine, I may be a Grinch. The thing is, it makes me feel a little nostalgic and a bit depressed. 




But this year, we decided to spend Christmas in a different mindset. Technically my team decided, I wanted to lay in bed with Fitz until the madness passed. But Watson had other plans. I was answering emails in my office when the door opened and 6 bags from H&M Home flooded through my floor. Mini Cati was very excited about her Christmas decoration finds and in that moment she broke it down to me. 

We are going to Cluj this Christmas. And we’re going to spend Christmas at my house and we’re going to sing, and laugh and Costrutii are going to come too because they are in Cluj now, and we’re going to cook Christmas dinner and decorate the house and it’s all going to be Fantastic! 






What ‘Ohhhh’, you’re coming too!

What? No, no, no, there’s no need. You go! I’ll stay here, I still have to work on my 2017 business plan, nope, you go. 

If you don’t come I’ll quit working for you…








Morodan Shop dress – Smiling Shoes heels – Laura 8 earrings

Photos by Costrut in a H&M Home setting



…I had no chance, they cornered me. We came to Cluj with the promise that we’re not going to listen to carols, we’re going to make our not-traditional-Christmas food dinner. We’re not going to use social media, we’re not buying a natural tree for Christmas and each time I want, I can go in my room and spend a few hours alone.

These are a few takes of some of us, giving Mini‘s Cluj childhood home a H&M Home Christmas touch. And you know what? After we finished we realized that the living room looked so cozy and Christmas-y we didn’t actually need a tree at all. 


Merry Christmas everyone!

My Christmas wish for all of us is to find people who support and love us through it all. 



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  1. Beautiful post dear!
    Merry Christmas <3

  2. Daria says:

    Craciun Fericit Ana & M office!!

  3. Olga Tincu says:

    Hope you’re having a magical Christmas!! <3 <3

  4. Petra Bianca says:

    Wow, ce frumoasa e husa bleu cu pietre, e perfecta de sezon.

  5. Adina Cura says:

    Sper sa ai un sfarsit de an si un Craciun minunat, Ana, pentru ca meriti! Multa sanatate 🙂

  6. Mary Maria says:

    Iti sta superb in rochia mov! Craciun fericit!!

  7. Nikita says:

    Happy holidays!!!

  8. Daiana Ioana says:

    Am acelasi brad artificial de 5 ani si inca arata perfect! #GoEco

  9. Magda says:

    Craciun fericiiiiiittttt <3333

  10. Mirururuna says:

    Esti superba, iti ador rochia de catifea. Cand apare pe Morodan shop?

  11. Annelise says:

    Eu ador Craciunul, mi se pare cea mai minunata perioada a anului :X

  12. Alina Brindusa says:

    Oamenii sunt cei care fac dintr-un Craciun un lucru magic sau un dezastru 🙂 Sarbatori fericite!

  13. Morofan says:

    Hope you’re having an amazing Christmas eve, beautiful!

  14. Xixi says:

    Wooow, ce casa superba are Cati #jealous

  15. Felicia says:

    Cute Teddy and Merry Christmas lovely 🙂

  16. Miranana says:

    Hahaha ce simpatica e ultima poza, sunteti tare draguti

  17. Amala Demian says:

    Nici eu nu ma omor cu perioada asta, Grinch ma cheama :)) Si mie mi se pare o sarbatoare care a ajuns fake si consumerista, ca Valentine’s si toate cele

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