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3 January 2016 / By / 15 Comments



 I still get shivers on my back when thinking about this night which happened three weeks ago. Hosting & Presenting the Beau Monde party and gala was beyond awesome inima-albastruinima-albastruinima-albastru


And even today I am  in awe with the Beau Monde team – I remember when I went to the brief meeting and I told them that they must allow me to say everything I want and they said `Of Course`  in a heart beat. Knowing me and the amount of craziness which comes along with Me, I don`t know if  I would have been that brave. #haha


I know you`ve seen many follow-ups of this legendary annual party on social media but here are some candid pics I`ve found on my I phone from that night. 


`I dieeeee,  800 people minimum are looking at me` – my thought in the first 10 seconds




The whole routine was pretty dynamic. One moment I was on the scene, the next at one balcony, the next in a different corner of the room. Here being all Juliette like at one of the balconies. 




Climbed on a chair at the Sephora corner while presenting one of the awards 




Another balcony 




I wore a custom made M.Marquise dress and Smiling Shoes heels 




Hahaha – I`ve just broke a heel while running from the balcony to the next presentation point. I literally spent the whole night cu un picior pe varfuri. 




So Jessica Rabbit of me. 





The after party 




Robert Ratiu – Beau Monde`s Editor-in-Chief and his sister Cerina Ratiu from Molecule F




Before going on stage – rehearsing and gin tonic-ing 




With my dear friend O


ovidiumuresanu anamorodan


On the chair at the Sephora corner




With one cool human – Robert Ratiu – on stage




When the party was about to chick start and the guests started arriving – I was upstairs in the queen apartment trying to fit my dress




The January issue of Beau Monde is now at the newsstands – besides the monthly dose of glamour and style you can also read a full follow-up of the party – below are some impressions, among which mine too 6b 


cover beaumonde



anamorodan beaumonde



THANK YOU  for One Memorable Night Beau Monde! inima-albastruinima-albastruinima-albastru This went in top 3 Highlights of my personal history 6b


be-splendid-semnatura 1









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  1. V. says:

    Ai fost superba si foarte foarte prezenta. Felicitari, ti se potriveste manusa rolul de host

  2. koko le love says:

    That dress and that BOW, WOW

  3. Miha B. says:

    Mi-ar fi placut sa te vad

  4. larisa iorgulescu says:

    felicitari, beau monde e una dintre revistele mele preferate.

  5. carlita xoxo says:

    You are THE BEST!Amazing person

  6. Corina Stoican says:

    Fotografiile arata superb, sper sa am ocazia sa merg la o astfel de petrecere candva. Si tu ai fost minunata, rochia e dementiala 🙂

  7. eva says:

    wow, ti se citeste emotia in ochi. ce moment frumos

  8. Luciana Adam says:

    Cred ca e spre locul 1 din highlights, stiu sigur ca pentru mine ar fi 🙂 mi se pare spectaculos ca ai ocazia sa faci astfel de lucruri, bravo

  9. ANAMARIA says:

    Coverul e superb, o admir pe Sonia Argint

  10. cris says:

    nu stiu cum ai rezistat emotiilor, cred ca a fost fantastica toata seara pentru tine. felicitari

  11. Codruta Iftimie says:

    Draga mea, locul tau este in the spotlight. In cazul in care se intreba cineva pana acum :)) ti se potriveste manusa

  12. Ioana Maria says:

    Rochia e perfecta, la fel si funda.

  13. camelia camy says:

    I sure hope I will have the chance to see you host another amazing event such as this one. I’m sure you did a great job and had lots of fun doing it 😉

  14. Catalina Andrei says:

    Great party, loved every minute of it. You were awesome, can’t wait to see you again

  15. Lady Di says:

    Bravo, Ana, for an amazing end of the year! May your 2016 be even more glamorous

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