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26 September 2012 / By / 8 Comments
Snobbish Breakfast skirt, Zara blouse, vintage jewelry –


Some small details for you to justify my absence:

– filming Fly Project‘s new video

not sleeping because of that for 48 hours in a row

sleeping because of that only 4 hours in three days

– running wild to find tons of clothes

– standing on my feet a whole day and night


– horses, sun, lots of people on the set,dresses, wind, planes, cars, flowers and so on

I loved it, tiring as hell but we are all a great team, it finally paid off, or I hope it will cause we didn’t finish. Today is another day. So please understand my hurry.

We’ll talk more tomorrow.

On Sunday I was invited to host a fashionable event at Carol Parc HotelFashion in the garden

I was really overwhelmed when I was asked to do this and accepted.
And it was a wise decision cause I met lots of new, interesting people, received tons of smiles, had fun picking and styling clothes. Spending time with people that make me smile and with whom I don’t meet as often as I would like was another high.


Ohh, and you know what I really loved? That bag that I got to wear last week – YSL Muse – one of my greatest loves ever when it comes to bags.

You can get to wear it too. I told you about it  here and with other occasions too in these past weeks.

I’m sooo excited about this Kinder Bueno – 100 bags campaign . I get to wear a different bag every week, can’t wait to show my adventures with them– soon.

You can wear Dior, Ysl, Prada, Vuitton and many other high end bags that will make you walk on the street smiling without a reason. Well, actually, Kinder Bueno is the reason cause they made it possible for all of us to feel like a fashionable rockstar.

And since I’m a nice viperesse today, I’m gonna let you in on the “how to” action to get your hands on some cool and glamorous bags too.

Give into temptation and enter into Kinder Bueno’s chain reaction.
Send an SMS at 1718 with the code you find on the back of the Kinder Bueno package
If you are among the 100 lucky winners you will get to wear, one in a row, twelve times, one high ended bag. And guess what? You get to keep the last bag. No matter that it’s YSL, Prada or Gucci, you will get to keep it.
Got it know? This will make your feel even more decadent.
And now, I leave you with  my fav Instagram details from my Sunday and of the event I hosted.
1. Robert Both – hairstylist for all of Bucharest’s queens, 2. Glamour lightning, 3. The hotel was filled with beautiful flower arrangements, 4. My favorite item from the fair – George Enache “Kill you idols , live your own life” T-shirt, 5. Me, being overwhelmed of how they described me, 6. Gifts from Beautik Haute Parfumerie


See you tomorrow kittens.

I trade my jewelry for sleeping. Would someone care to take my place?!?!

I kid, I kid, I’m not trading my jewelry for nothing in the world. Goood, I’m not a traitor people. I never betray my absolute loves.

Ohh, and we didn’t discussed about my “the disgraced countess on the hell cruise” outfit. Well, I have to run now, tomorrrowww.   “Ask me again tomorrow…” – do you remember from which movie this line is?!
I loved it.


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  1. Joana says:

    You look AMAZING..

  2. Anaivilo says:

    You looked great, the necklace is killing me! O.O

  3. Emanuel I. says:

    Te zarisem cand am intrat si pe urma ai disparut.
    Mi-ar fi placut sa bem o cafea impreuna.
    Maybe next time.
    Ai aratat minunat!

  4. Monia says:

    stunning look

  5. Julye says:

    love your look – stunning 😉

  6. Julye says:

    love your look – stunning 😉

  7. Jessica W says:

    Your outfit is perfection. I can assure you I will probably be copying it… haha

    The Lovelorn

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