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Photo by Mihai Dina


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anamorodan com 3I am wearing a Clara Rotescu dress, vintage earrings and Bensimon sneakers from Anastasia and The Funky Twins

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev  –

Styling and Setting Review by Anastasja Giacopello

Deco setting by Denisa Luntraru – Mihai and Hilda – the set directors/dictators/assistants




All I want to tell you is that this shooting was by far the most adrenalined one in all the four years since I`m a personal style blogger. I think I`ll remember it forever.


When H&M invited me to pick my favorite items from H&M Home,  naturally I got psyched! I love the fact that now we have this affordable home deco brand in our country and everybody has the means to turn their house into a chic and cozy home without investing tons of money.

Well, I imagined a dreamy a picnic on a rooftop and as a the viral cartoline says `if you can dream it you can do it!`


Hahah, indeed, but here`s the adventure preceding it:

We searched for a rooftop for a week => finally found one => 20 minutes before the shooting they said we couldn`t shoot there anymore => luckily found another rooftop => when we got there a storm was  about to start => and now, just imagine => Denisa setting the decor => Hilda trying to keep the decor in place because the wind was blowing hectic => Mihai making fun of us and holding an umbrella for Silvia to take the pictures => me,  laughing and shouting at everybody at the same time – why shouting? because everybody was taking selfies in the dreamy deco setting #hahaha #wereabunchofbeautifulmadpeople


But we succeeded and our dreamy setting turned out perfectly even in the middle of a storm. And now we have a shooting that turned out to be the most memorable adventure of all my blogging experiences. Here`s us. Silvia was taking the picture.



ana and her people



In case you are wondering here`s a list with the H&M Home objects which made me fall in love with them on the spot:


  • the chic, feminine pillows – #Idie
  • the cozzyyyyy blankets – I just imagine myself on my day bed, tucked in a beige blanket and reading a mystery novel
  • the lemonade glass container – the one I am holding on my head
  • the black and white dishes – loved the charger and the big cups
  • the flower overlay – how shabby chic perfect? <3
  • the grey and white striped carpet we used as a blanket on the floor



Ok, I`ll stop here because you know, every little detail contributed to this dreamy decor ( we say and hope you agree also)



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta Hometta

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  1. Carmen says:

    This is beyond dreamy Ana! This is perfection <3 <3 <3

  2. Dina the Chic says:

    Dear Ana, have I told you how inspiring you are/? I always adored H&M Home and not that you told us about it I eally know it`s Cool!

  3. Alina Popescu says:

    Daca valorizez un lucru la tine Ana atunci este exact faptul ca alegi sa faci reclama unor lucruri frumoase si ca totul ti se potirveste firesc si autentic!

  4. Irina Macarie says:

    I adore your dress and the setting looks perfect and feminine as you say <3

  5. Andreea Pink says:

    You really teach us how to live beautifully without needing a big budget Ana and we thank you for that. You really are a true inspiration and a model

  6. Ella says:

    This is so shabby chiccccc indeed. I want them all and you are right, the pillows are so feminine and magical. I can`t wait to get out of the office and buy a few of them for my living room. Thank you for the inspiration Ana 😀

  7. Die Style says:

    Thee color palette just made my day 🙂

  8. Magda Love says:

    Inca nu inteleg de unde ai atata putere de munca. Esti singurul blogger care posteaza in fiecare zi, ceea ce inseamna ca te si pozezi in fiecare zi, ceea ce inseamna ca ai cel mai mult de lucru si esti cea mai de success. SI pe langa asta prezinti evenimente, esti mereu implicata in cate 3 proiecte si te vedem peste tot. I get it dar nu inteleg de unde ai atata energie :)) Ma fascinezi, Ana :))

  9. Claudia says:

    Cel mai mult imi place cum ati aranjat pe patura, arata de basm <3

  10. Miruna nebuna says:

    Ce idee! In weekend imi duc si eu prietenele pe bloc. Am acoperis exact la fel :))

  11. The Fashionette Lover says:

    :))))) I just can imagine the scenario. Well, despite the storm, the rain, the craziness, the pictures turned out AMAZING

  12. Viata Verde says:

    Magical Ana, you look so elegant and amazing! It`s like everything you do is pure magic. I love your work

  13. Fashion Addict says:

    Asa e, parca tot ce faci tu e magie, Ana. Ai o personalitate care lumineaza incaperi. Te-am vazut ieri la La Farine, te-ai intalnit cu o femeie. Cand ai intrat in cafenea s-a luminat incaperea, ai o energie pozitiva magnifica

  14. the lady curves says:

    Everything looks so perfect. I love your dress and the table cloth too 🙂

  15. Irina Fashion Spot says:

    Ne-ai facut ziua mai frumaosa la birou Ana. Esti cu adevarat speciala si singura de pe aici care merita urmarita. Te iubim :************

  16. Denisa Popovici says:

    Exact ieri am fost la H&M Home si mi-am cumparat cosul cu dungi, l-am vazut to la tine intr-o postare :))

  17. Living a dream says:

    This setting might be perfect for my upcoming wedding 🙂

  18. Alex says:

    ati facut o tr4eaba extraordinara :)) Si pe furtuna. Cred ca recunosc locatia :)) Bravo Ana, mereu reusesti sa creezi cele maai simpatice si elegante postari.

  19. fashion victim says:

    V-a iesit fantastic! Arata de vis tot aranjamentul si voi sunteti super simpatici :))

  20. La Grande Belezza says:

    You my dear, you are an icon and no matter how much they try to be like you, they`re just bad copy cats. You are by far the best!

  21. Summer love says:

    the last picture is the shit, hahahah

  22. lovely pepa says:

    Totul arata ca dintr-un basm urban. Cel mai mult imi plac pernele si mie :))

  23. Mathilde says:

    Si iata cum mi-am petrecut ziua pe acoperis: inspirata de morodan!

  24. Fete Fine says:

    Nice colors you know how to choose them right 🙂

  25. Clara says:

    Magnifique&tres tres chic!

  26. Pin up Girls says:

    You wowed me from the first picture to the last, i think this is your best shooting this summer 🙂 love your team and the whole atmosphere

  27. Mary says:

    Gorgeous place! You look amazing!

  28. Bianca Tanase says:

    Rochia e bestialaaaaa

  29. Fusta Bunicii says:

    Mama mia ce fata de masa frumoasa, chiar au lucruri frumoase la h&m home !

  30. Princess Like says:

    I guess i would buy most of the things i see in your original crazy roof decor, i quite like what i see dear

  31. Vero says:

    M-ai facut sa zambesc instantaneu, chiar radiezi Ana esti o inspiratie pentru mine. Pana la urma de ce nu? E o super idee sa merg pe acoperisul blocului si sa-mi creez un colt de detasare

  32. Stylish Bomb says:

    Couldn’t help but notice your stunning standing out earings, LoOVe

  33. Iulia Manea says:

    Ce dragut e totul :)))))

  34. Jay Jay says:

    Rochia e absolut perfecta Ana! Ador creatiile Clarei Rotescu, si cum le porti tu mai ales…

  35. Kiki's Closet says:

    Arati senzational!!!!

  36. Popescu A. says:

    Foarte misto decorul, e prea tare 🙂 merita incercata experienta pe acoperis clar!

  37. The proof that a super beautiful dress is all we need!


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