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18 April 2018 / By / 9 Comments

Hola, my dear friends who read this blog daily,

Today’s news comes from the H&M Conscious Exclusive chapter, the sustainable and feminine collection which will be available starting tomorrow at the H&M store in Baneasa Shopping City and on HM.com. I am the Romanian Ambassador for the collection and I am extremely attached to this concept for what it stands for: sustainability, respect towards the nature and the fight to recycle and protect the Earth.  I told you this before when we talked about the Glamour Mag shooting.



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Yesterday evening I hosted a dinner at the Ceausescu Mansion (like any dictator wannabe would) to celebrate  the launch of the new Conscious Exclusive collection. It gave me great pleasure to see so many cool people from our industry being very supportive towards sustainability. Raising awareness towards this should be on everyone’s agenda during this times. 

What you see here are a few phone snaps we took during the intimate dinner, nope, no photographers, no cameras, just a few of us, celebrating and enjoying each other’s company. No photographs except these few snaps. After all, I’m a social media addict (aren’t I?) for God’s sake. #haha #not





As we all probably know, H&M continues the work for a sustainable fashion future with the new Conscious Exclusive Collection Spring 2018, a beautiful collection made from sustainable materials to be worn on special occasions, but can also be styled for a relaxed, but contemporary look. Feminine and effortless with a modern twist are key words used when designing the collection which consists of garments, shoes and accessories for women.

The most interesting and captivating fact about this collection is that it is made from sustainable materials, the stars of this season being ECONYL and recycled silver.

ECONYL is 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from fishnets and other nylon waste, reducing the climate impact and supporting clean oceans.

Recycled silver is obtained from above ground sources and industrial scrap such as old candle sticks, sterling silver flatware, coins and scrap jewellery. Recycled silver is manufactured with a minimal environmental impact.

Other sustainable materials include fabrics such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, organic linen and organic silk.



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The Conscious Exclusive Collection for 2018 is inspired by famous the Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson’s creative and beautiful home in the province of Dalarna, Sweden. Handcrafted tapestries and embroideries, Karin’s love for their garden, as well as the contrasting characteristics of the rooms in the house have been interpreted by H&M’s Conscious Exclusive Design team into prints, jacquards and embroideries on beautifully crafted garments and accessories made from sustainable materials.








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  1. Divina Diva says:

    rochia ta din matase e o poveste <3 <3 Love you!

  2. Cornelia B. says:

    Sunteti foarte eleganti si ati avut numai oameni importanti la masa. Bravo Ana! Asta inseamna sa fii un om frumos si iubit de lume. Tine-o tot asa!

  3. Giovana says:

    E foarte frumoasa vila din Primaverii! Am fost recent acolo si ma gandeam cum ar fi un eveniment. Si uite ca ai facut fix tu ceva super! Te admir, felicitari!

  4. Fashionista JJ says:

    Colectia asta e pentru tine. Toate piesele au fost absolut minunate. Cel mai mult mi-a placut rochia din lame cu imprimeu. Mi-am luat-o si eu si e rochia mea preferata din garderoba.

  5. Rali Raluca says:

    Masa arata super!

  6. Mari Marilena says:

    masa lu` Ceauseasca! :)) I-ar fi placut si ei colectia asta :))

  7. Anca M says:

    Am vazut pozele cu tine din Glamour si mi-au placut foarte mult. Arati foarte young si diferit cu coafura si makeup-ul ala. Cina e wow! M-ai lasat fara cuvinte. Si sera cu manechinele seamana mult cu decorul din poze. Foarte inspirat!

  8. Vilut says:

    esti visul meu <3

  9. Livia R. says:

    Colectia asta e senzationala si imi place si mai mult pentru ca e promovata de tine. Am reusit sa-mi iau de pe site 2 rochii supeeeerbeee! <3

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