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9 June 2017 / By / 9 Comments

I just got back from Belek, TK. Yes. Again. And this time I come with debauchery from one of the chicest places I’ve been in Turkey – Titanic Belek

The spa was the highlight for my old rusty bones, of course. But I also gave my hips a swing on the golf course as well! And you know me and golf, I practically mentored Tiger Woods. Not. After almost cracking a few skulls open (accidentally, I swear, you know poison is my weapon of choice), I started to get the shtick. And I must tell you, once you get it, even slightly, it becomes less boring and more relaxing by the minute.

But I digress, just keep in mind that this is the go-to resort if you want a quiet, relaxing, all-inclusive vacation. And I am stressing the “all-inclusive” aspect because, at least for me, it is totally a must. I do nothing else on holidays but boil like a carrot in a broth in a jacuzzi.




Why I say you should keep Titanic in mind? Because:

  1. they have some of the best cocktails I’ve ever tasted – I even got tipsy while drinking Cosmopolitan working on my laptop in the bar one night (no other bartender in the world succeeded that with me, Omar, we have a connection)


2. You are not allowed to bring your screaming children to the spa. Love kids but when more than one, in fact even if one screams my nerves die. 


3. The stair pool is a touch of WOW! 


4. The deco of the hallways and the lobby are sooooo Jonathan Adler and you know he’s my deco crush. 


5. Delicious food from the world cuisine


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Dear Mister Peter,

here’s a few memories I’ve made during my stay at Titanic and some glimpses of this cool resort. Keeping it on my Turkey Must Revisit list.



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  1. Fashionista says:

    Vai cat esti de faina! Nu credeam ca o sa vad vreodata pe cineva la golf pe platforme, te adooor

  2. Dalina Daliana says:

    Eu m-as duce in Belek o data pe luna, au niste resorturi mi-nu-na-te

  3. Acadea says:

    In love with your outfit ??

  4. Delia says:

    You always travel to the most wonderful places! I’d love to spend some time there, it looks sooo relaxing

  5. Carla Binta says:

    Someone should give you a prize for best holiday outfits.

  6. Maria Vi says:

    Postarea ta m-a facut sa realizez cat de tare am nevoie de o vacanta 🙁

  7. Dolly says:

    Te inteleg perfect la faza cu copiii, nimic nu e mai enervant decat un mic plangacios cand incerci sa te relaxezi :))

  8. Diana C says:

    I live for how you added that gigantic brooch to the chunky golfing glove ❤️

  9. Lavi Lavinia says:

    Eu nu ma impac cu golful, dar I feel you pe tema jacuzzi & cosmo 😀

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