Festival Looks 2.0 + How to WIN Invitations to Untold

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22 July 2016 / By / 26 Comments

The boho-chic looks, those festival uniforms…they are starting to be so bluntly predictable. Maybe not, but I surely feel they do. And us, ladies…well…let’s just say I believe we deserve to make an entrance.


That argument + my next festival experience with H&M #HMLovesMusic #HMLovesUntold made me put together three festival looks I would wear to Untold. Or any kind of festival for that matter.  No, breathe, they are not long, ballroom dresses.


Before we roll the dice into my 3 festival outfit options here’s the drill:



Two of you, to be more precise – and it’s a double invitation so you can take one friend with you


All you have to do is post on your Facebook or Instagram a festival look you love (of course it can be a boho chic one too, we support freedom of expression here inima-albastru). It can be a picture from the internet, you don’t necessarily have to post a picture of yourself. Tag it with @Ana Morodan and add the #AnaMorodan #HMLovesMusic #HMLovesUntold hashtags. 


Please make sure your post is public, so we can see it. You have until July 30, when we’ll announce the winners. 


Now, let’s rumble



The – I’m not sure if I really want to stand out, maybe I’d rather blend in with some boho details but not a classic fringe, feather, short skirt, tee boho outfit. Something more feminine?Outfit 






TheI’m not sure this is cool considering that I’m 31 but it’s my guilty pleasure so f**ck what they sayoutfit 




Ana-Morodan-H&M-Untold-8 (1) 

By the way, did you know that Martin Garrix and Justin Bieber are friends and have the same manager? Yes, a whole night spent watching internet video cuts about JB. Yes, I’m seriously considering the fact that I might loose my mind. 


TheFuck me I’m famousoutfit 






Ana-Morodan-H&M-Untold-1All items from H&M 

Photos by Emil Costrut in Cluj’s Central Park / the future Untold venue 


Thank you for watching today’s program people. See you soon.


Ohhh, keep in mind that during the Untold festival, those of you who own a festival bracelet have a 20 % discount on any H&M items. I can already see myself: 3 hours at Untold and 10 hours in a H&M store. 7b




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  1. Anina Claudia says:

    Wow Morodan, you stepped up the game a bit 🙂 Let’s see who keeps up!

  2. Mimi Love says:

    Prima tinuta e favrita mea. Postez poza cu festival look, vreau a vin la Untold si eu 🙂

  3. Mira says:

    Imi plac propunerile, vin deja la Untold dar e bine de tinut minte de reducere 😀

  4. Miruna Manescu says:

    Ultima tinuta e magnifica 🙂 On my list 🙂

  5. Ana Ivetta says:

    Doamne Ana, ai cele mai originale idei. Ma saturasem si eu de boho looks la festivaluri dar nu stiam incotro sa o indrept 🙂

  6. Carmen T says:

    Da-mi o invitatie mie, vreau sa vin cu prietena mea! p.s. I love justin bieber too

  7. Alina Popa says:

    Imi place varianta 2 si 3. So sexy <3

  8. Marina Dima says:

    Esti unica!!!! Nu mai exista dubiu. Abia astept sa te vad la Untold!

  9. Andreea Popa says:

    Festival look shared <3

  10. Jelly Belly says:

    Acum caut o poza si potesz, vreau sa vin la Untold!!! SI sa fac poze cu Morodan 😀

  11. Cristina S. says:

    hammmmm cu a 3 a tinuta chiar faci o intrare memorabila la untold 🙂
    personal as merge pe prima varianta , si imi plac tare cerceii <3

  12. DanaP says:

    Vreaaaaauuuuu!Chiar vreau!Punct!
    Varianta 1

  13. Kiki D says:

    Someone finally said it! Daca mai vad fetite cu pene in par ma arunc de la etaj!!!!

  14. lavi ban says:

    Oh my god, jacheta rosie e THE SHIT :OOO

  15. Merida says:

    I wish I’ll have the guts to dress like this when I’m 30 <3

  16. bieberfever says:

    hahaha ce tare e tricoul cu Bieber, o sa mi-l iau, clar

  17. PiePie says:

    Am postat :DD sper sa castig

  18. anteea milea says:

    eu sunt guilty, imi plac look-urile boho, dar imi plac si cele pe care ni le-ai aratat

  19. Oana Marinescu says:

    M-am indragosit! Rochia alba din primul look e divina!

  20. georgiana says:

    Damn girl, I love your style

  21. Sebastin Delia says:

    Yaaay, ce fain ca vii la Untold, sper sa te gasesc, mi-ar placea tare mult sa te cunosc, esti bloggerul meu preferat ♥

  22. Daiana P. says:

    Ooooof, eu mi-am cumparat deja bilet :)) oricum nu castig nimic niciodata, dar sigur profit de reducerile HM

  23. Fashionista says:

    Ce superba esti si in lookuri mai casual <3

  24. deliiiiiiia says:


  25. Ioana Dimitri says:

    So the months of hoarding festival inspiration on pinterest were not useless 😀 wish me luck!

  26. julie jules says:

    looooooove the last look!!!!!

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