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25 June 2012 / By / 4 Comments
Shop this  Claudia Castrase dress on Molecule
Mes dames und gents
behold the perfect Modern Diva dress!
Being a personal shopper is not easy! Sure, nobody is going to give me a Nobel Prize for this activity but I sure deserve a statue for finding this dress!
No??! Nobody?!? Ok, fuck it! I can live without a statue anyways (yes, yes, the grapes are sour if we cannot reach them. Our own national way of seeing things).
Now, today on It’s not Monday, it’s MORODAN Day on Molecule F I’m wearing this amazing Claudia Castrase design. It was instant love! God, if only I would be able the love a man the way I love this kind of dresses…
I love Claudia by default, she’s a miniature being, just like I am. But I worship her for her impeccable designs, the neutral colors she uses and the flawless, lady like appearance of her clothes.

Because I know you are wondering, the place where we took the pics is Beros van Schaik. My favorite place for these summer evenings.
Shop Claudia Castrase designs on Molecule or directly from Molecule F‘s showroom.
Now, you have to  hurry and enter to win all the LUSH goodies and I have to hurry and buy the perfect shoes for my most magical client, Sanziana.
All in all, welcome another full of clothes adventures week!

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  1. imi place ca de fiecare data postezi poze atat de frumose,speciale! arat parca sunt scoase dintr-o revista a la Vogue!Keep up the good work!

  2. You look 10 feet tall! That’s an incredible dress!

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  3. ZADIN says:

    Nu-mi imaginez pe altcineva purtand rochia mai bine. Baietii si fetele de la Molecule F sunt norocosi sa colaboreze cu tine. Esti mereu atat de dramatica…

    Ca de obicei nu pot sa nu remarc si stilul in scris… My dear.. you have a gift, but I’m sure you know it already…

    Cu drag, Zadin ♥♥♥

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