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29 July 2011 / By / 22 Comments

 Remember last week? I’m starting to think there’s some kind of magic involved!

 Snobbish Breakfast dress, vintage and I Became Addicted jewelry
This is an important announcement!

– as from this morning I’m officially in my first day of vacation. There is a God!

As you can see I had some sort of Snobbish Breakfast, literally.
Funny thing when someone meets me for the first time and gets to spend time with me, after 2 weeks (this being the average time, I know, I did statistics) they all ask the same question: Why don’t you wear pants?

-Because I feel ME in skirts and dresses.
I told you before that I own only a few pairs of jeans these being my favs. Actually two at the moment.But if I must say what kind of jeans/pants I love the most, I would easily and without a doubt choose the “boyfriend” jeans,the secret to buying really cool and authentic ones is… read more.

 By the time you’ll read this I will be singing along with my childhood Sandra cd, in the car, on my way to Arad. I never would have thought that I will come to miss that little city (but I still love it here best!).

p.s. D, I’m bringing you flowers! 

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  1. Andrea says:

    This necklace is for sale, Ana? I would love to buy it as I adore it so much! 🙂

    P. S. Enjoy your holiday! You look really snoobish today! 🙂

  2. You are divine! Love that color and then the fabulous jewelry – the lilies are beautiful! Have fun!

  3. colorsdiary says:

    happy holidays and lots of phun, u look amazing :))

    p.s. the black cat loves u too :p

  4. Ana says:

    lovelovelove the dress, you look amazing!:)

    and also the necklace, what a beautiful color!


  5. LOVE the color of that dress! It is so gorgeous! 😀 😀
    (and yay for vacation! have fun!)

  6. Supal says:

    You look gorgeous as always! So two things: 1. Not going to lie, but I almost had a freak out from your previous post and wanted to chop my hair into a bob again. But then I went online and started looking at pictures of Kate Middleton, and now I’m back. 2. I don’t own ANY pants!! I am so happy I found a companion! I literally backpacked through Spain recently in dresses!

  7. georgi says:

    the dress is amazing!♥
    great vacation!

  8. Delia Robescu says:

    Ana, thank you for the flowers, they are still alive and blooming <3 <3 <3

  9. Dani Freitas says:

    You’re such a diva!!! 🙂

  10. modniza says:

    amazing girl!xxxhave a great week-end,darling!

  11. bitterlemon says:

    Another perfectly Snobby dress. Gorgeous colour 🙂
    Enjoy your vacation !

  12. U look so beautiful, precious outfit, gorgeous dress and amazing necklace that matches perfectly with the whole picture!! Enjoy your time to the fullest, u deserve it hun!;)

  13. You look amazing! I love that colour on you. x hivenn

  14. Anaivilo says:

    Gorgeous dress, that color suits you very great! 😀 Have fun in Arad 😀

  15. Special K says:

    So beautiful! ♥

    Sry for replying so late, I was away on holiday 😀 I’m back now, I’d love to meet u!:*:*

  16. Eu nu te-am intrebat de ce nu porti pantaloni 😛 Dar si eu sunt pro-fuste :)) Apropo, saptamana asta vin in Arad. Magic photos time? 😀 And snobbish coffee, to share the news 😛

  17. Alina F. says:

    You re just too gorgeous!Purple looks great on you!

  18. Michelle Lee says:

    i love everything about this outfit 🙂
    love your necklace, sunnies and dress match
    so fabulous!
    and have an amazing vacation!

  19. Iulia says:

    Imi plac mult accesoriile :X.

  20. Stephie says:

    ce frumoasa esti!!! :* salutari din germania

  21. Sara Levy says:

    Your photos are always do inspirational and romantic*


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