Dear Tudy,

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26 February 2017 / By / 14 Comments

Dear Tudy,

     I know that you are on your holiday and I know that you’ve told me explicitly NOT to call you or ‘Nu ma mai intorc la dumneavoastra, Quina!’

     I know, I know, you are allowed one (short) holiday every 5 years and please trust me that I strive to respect it. I haven’t called , I haven’t emailed you. Nothing. Nada. I am behaving and I’m impatiently waiting for your return. I miss you & I must confess, there’s no one I love terrorizing more than you.

     You have left me with Claudie, who is not willing to be my sidekick on all my adventures. He does not prepare me GIN like you do (actually at all) and he does not come when I ring your bell! Imagine the amount of nerve on him! Preposterous! 




     For instance, the other day I almost begged to be accompanied in the city. I had some errands to run and this person, who is my right hand in business, mind you, left me all alone, carrying my own bags!!! He manifested a little enthusiasm when I told him we’re going to stop by Design & After just to pick some of my favorite delices & delicatessen and to buy some cutlery I had seen on their online shop. Arriving at the Design&After showroom I understood why. Exquisite place with wonderful deco objects. We must go together when you come back. I just hope that you are still working out on your vacation because I wouldn’t want your arms to go limp and risk dropping my bags. Also, please mark it in your agenda to buy me a gift. You know, it’s March, women’s month…








Vintage blazer & Brooches – Hardot heels


     En fin, I included some photos in the envelope, just to get a glimpse of  the place I am telling you about. Tudy, please come back soon. Not even gin tastes the same without you. You’re the best butler in the world. COME BACK from that wretched ski holiday!!!

P.S.: Oh, and when you come back please note that I left a To Do list with 273764 items on the fridge. 


With a tiny bit of affection,

Quina Contesa 

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  1. madinette says:

    Ahahaha saracul Tudy, nici in vacanta nu scapa de tine!

  2. Ama Dinca says:

    Magazinul asta arata ca my dream home. E superb!!

  3. kina says:

    wow, those brooches are fantastic

  4. nita minnie says:

    Cand mai lansati episoade noi din At your service? Le ador 😀

  5. manilla says:

    aaaaand now I’m craving confit & chocolate 🙁

  6. Mariana Ioana says:

    vai, dar cum arata acea punga de milk chocolates :O sa ne spui cum a fost!

  7. lilly says:

    Now that’s what I call a #PowerOutfit

  8. madalina porta says:

    Am fost o data la Design&After si cardul meu m-a pus sa-i promit solemn ca nu mai mergem niciodata acolo impreuna :))

  9. gina balerina says:

    We miss Tudy too!!!!! Come back!!

  10. fashionista says:

    That space is amazing, loving all the deco 🙂

  11. magda says:

    Ce bine iti sta in rosu ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  12. dana_banana says:

    We miss At Your Service soooo much! Will you launch new episodes?

  13. Fana Minciu says:

    lady in red <333

  14. You look great!

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