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23 April 2015 / By / 35 Comments

Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan



It`s pretty hard to put in words the multitude of feelings which went through my soul the moment I was invited to meet Razvan Mazilu. The man is a living legend. So I accepted and typical of me, I made a little fuss about it. What if he`s going to look at me like a poor mortal? What if he`s going to patronize me? What if he won`t like me or I`ll make a blunder?  A  few dozens of `what if`s` went though my mind on my way to the meeting.

And we met.

Even now, 3 weeks later, while I`m telling you this, it still strikes me – The amount of modesty, common sense, politeness, warmth and positivity this man exhales. I admit, it was shocking for me to meet a huge talent, a man admired by the most intellectual minds of the world, applauded by zillions of people and considered a genius behaving with such attitudes.

Razvan Mazilu succeeded something which very few of the public persons can – he succeeded in making us love the person as much as we adore and admire the talent.



Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan

Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan

Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan

Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan

Razvan Mazilu si Ana Morodan

Razvan Mazilu si Ana MorodanI am wearing an M.Marquise dress and Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels

Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu



You can discover more about the thoughts of this exceptional humans being in this interview Ela did with Razvan.

And now here is the surprise I have for you – I`m going on the 29 th. Maybe we`ll meet there smile


 Teatrul Odeon are placerea sa anunte



in zilele de 29 si 30 aprilie, de la ora 19.00 la sala Majestic


Teatrul Odeon celebreaza Ziua Mondiala a Dansului (29 aprilie) printr-o Gala Extraordinara Razvan Mazilu & Friends ce va avea loc in zilele de 29 si 30 aprilie, la Sala Majestic. A devenit deja o traditie ca Teatrul Odeon sa sarbatoreasca Ziua Mondiala a Dansului. Anul acesta, Razvan Mazilu, coregraful Teatrului Odeon, a pregatit un spectacol in care a invitat dansatori, coregrafi si actori.

Razvan Mazilu va dansa alaturi de Monica Petrica, Judith State, Ioana Marchidan, Vanda Stefanescu, Arcadie Rusu, Silviu Daniel Mititelu, Clubul TangoTangent si elevi ai Liceului de Coregrafie Floria Capsali din Bucuresti. Vor fi prezentate momente din spectacolele: Block Bach, Depeche Dance, Saraiman, Nesomn, Sell me dar si creatii originale, in premiera. Surpriza spectacolului vor fi momentele muzical-coregrafice pe care distributia musicalului de mare succes WEST SIDE STORY – Manifestul unei generatii le va interpreta live.



WEST SIDE STORY este un spectacol realizat de Razvan Mazilu si produs de Festivalul National de Teatru, a carui premiera a avut loc anul trecut pe scena Teatrului Odeon.

Durata spectacolului este de 2h (fara pauza)

Pretul biletelor este de 106 lei sau  53 lei – le puteti achizitiona de aici sau de la ghiseul Teatrului Odeon













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  1. Marina says:

    Minunate fotografiile

  2. Anca Maria says:

    Cred ca a fost o adevarata onoare sa-l cunosti pe Razvan Mazilu

  3. Ana Stoica says:

    Two people I highly admire ❤️

  4. Natalia P. says:

    Love the dress, you are breathtaking, both of you

  5. Elena Matei says:

    Razvan Mazilu este intr-adevar un om deosebit, ma bucur ca ai avut ocaZia sa-l cunosti

  6. Edna says:

    The little ballerina ❤️

  7. L-am vazut si eu pe Razvan Mazilu acum ceva ani in “Portreul lui Dorian Gray”, a avut o interpretare fantastica.

  8. olive says:

    great event, see you there

    PS: the shooting is amazing

  9. Maria Lucia says:

    Nu cred ca era un blogger mai potrivit care sa promoveze acest eveniment. Felicitari

  10. antonia stan says:

    un spectacol care merita vazut, felicitari ca faci parte din acest proiect

  11. clara_fab says:

    awesome photo shoot, I’m sooooo jealous :)) I’m sure Razvan Mazilu is one of the most interesting and amazing people you’ve met, it must have been a great honor

  12. heidi says:

    you look amazing in that dress, on the Opera stage 🙂

  13. marie simone says:

    I think it will be an amazing show, thanks for sharing 🙂

  14. georgia marinescu says:

    sunt spectaculoase fotografiile, felicitari. Razvan Mazilu este un artist desavarsit

  15. Loredana Preda says:

    M-am uitat de cateva ori peste aceste fotografii pentru ca sunt superbe. Arati minunat in aceasta rochie iar compania e desavarsita 🙂 felicitari

  16. Mya says:

    One of the best photo shoots I’ve seen, congrats. I love every picture

  17. Adriana says:

    Esti absolut superba in aceste fotografii

  18. Mihaela says:

    Wow, absolut superba. Cred ca ai avut niste emotii 🙂

  19. iulia rusu says:

    am avut onoarea sa l cunosc pe domnul Mazilu si este un om cu totul special. Fotografiile sunt minunate

  20. Laura says:

    I tking you will treasure this photo shoot forever 🙂

  21. roxana enescu says:

    esti superba de fiecare data in rochiile M. Marquise

  22. Eva says:

    Thanks for sharing this great event, I’m a huge ballet fan and I can’t wait to see the show 🙂 see you there, darling

  23. Kimmy says:

    ❤️ West Side Story

  24. Gabi Gabriela says:

    Ce poveste frumoasa in fotografii 🙂 intotdeauna ma surprinzi extrem de placut, te felicit

  25. Vera says:

    Demne de reviste sunt aceste fotografii si inspira o stare de bine. Voi merge cu siguranta la acest spectacol

  26. Otilia Lis says:

    The balcony photo is pure perfection

  27. andreea radu says:

    un spectacol care trebuie vazut

  28. Alexa says:

    Absolutely amazing dear Ana, I love it. And I love that you always surprise us

  29. Tina says:

    Extraordinara ocazie sa ai aceste fotografii cu Razvan Mazilu. Felicitari, meriti din plin toate aceste lucruri minunate

  30. Maria Popa says:

    WOW, speechless

  31. ruxi says:

    rochia e to die for, I love it soooo si merge perfect cu sandalele

  32. the fashion lover says:

    You blew me away with these photos, I absolutely love them!

  33. mirela grigoras says:

    Draga Ana, am “recuperat” acum buna parte din ultimele postari si aceasta este de departe preferata mea. Eleganta, talent si bun gust, te felicit din inima

  34. Carmen says:

    Bravo, bravo! Spectacolul va fi minunat, abia astept sa l vad 🙂

  35. Maria Stefana says:

    Extraordinara sansa, un balerin extrem de talentat si sunt sigura ca e un om deosebit. Si cred cu tarie ca e nevoie de un om deosebit sa recunoasca un altul la fel 🙂

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