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8 May 2012 / By / 8 Comments
Topshop sneakers, Zara shorts, Asos blouse, YSL bracelet

I bet you are shocked to see me without high heels don’t you? I’m only human, people.

I’ve read somewhere a good pointed question. It is said that simplicity is an essential condition of beauty. So why do we tend to over dress and over accessorize?

Your today’s focus point when waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

 On the other hand, you all know what Unvelied is!

The sixth edition will be held at Iconique Class Studio (Alexandru Ally, nr. 7), on 12th of May, between 11.00 AM and 19.00 PM. Everybody wants to be there and now you can come too! Both at the event and at the after party (Designers Party Night Out) hosted by ABSOLUT. Also, with this invitation you will have 10% discount at any article you will buy at the event.
All you have to do to win a double invitation is:
– follow High Street Cardigans with Google Friend Connect
– LIKE Unveiled Page on Facebook
and tell me in a comment what you will be wearing if you are about to attend Unvelied Fair along with your contacts. We’ll sort a winner randomly on Friday.

You’ll get to admire and buy the newest creations by: La Chatterie, Astrid Ţîrlea, Bianca Popp, Coolta Fashion, Rue des Trucs, Anca Miron, Irina Irimia, Loredana Nedelcu, Larisa Dragna, Raluca Elena Cosereanu, Sanda Cojocaru, Zenya Fashion Atelier, passepartouS, Pompon, Monica Onita.

Can’t wait to meet you there! Good luck, kittens!

I have to go now, I’m full of sunburns(you don’t wanna know). Why, why, why, I can’t be cautious for once in my life?!?

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  1. My Style says:

    cute outfit! what books are you reading! the flowers are fabulous!



  2. Love this outfit!! Your sneakers are so cute! 😀
    And I know what you mean, its funny to think about that…men prefer women to be simpler but we just want to be crazy and wear everything.
    That event sounds so fun! Good luck to all who enter to win the ticket

  3. Nice to see you in a different kind of look. Have been missing your posts girl! 🙂

    ~Natasha Fatah~
    ~Natasha Fatah~

  4. I’m in love with your glasses! x


  5. Laura says:

    I would wear a skirt with polka dots and a denim shirt, and some fabulous pair of shoes!!


  6. Julie says:

    You look fabulous! :*

    I will be wearing a sweet dress with polka dots and high heels 🙂


  7. dexez says:

    hm, GFC doesn’t seem to work, but I liked Unveiled from the first edition. Never made it though, somehow I was always out of town.
    I would love to wear my silk high-waisted-jungle-print pants with orange platforms and a yellow top. Sounds crazy, but it somehow works 🙂

  8. mjewelh says:

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