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27 July 2011 / By / 30 Comments
Zara shoes, Asos short pants, boyfriend’s (can’t remember which one) blouse, H&M, The Trend Boutique and Meli Melo bracelets, Topshop ring


If you ever had short hair at one point and wanted to grow it then this post is about you.

For as long as I can remember I had short hair. I was a little tomboy in kindergarten, Twiggy during elementary and a mixture between Audrey and Tavi in high school. Then, for a looonggg time, I had some weird hairdo that became my label (you can see it on the blog too cause the obsession lasted till the beginning of this year). 

One evening, seven months ago, I took the scissors and decided to end it. Some damage control was in order after… the mess is visible until this very day.

But now, I’m older and “wiser”, so I must celebrate this with a new resolution regarding my hair...I’M GONNA LET IT GROW. Although I still think that short haired girls are more mysterious and special and bla, bla, bla, I’m gonna have long hair, it’s settled!
But since I’m not Samantha, this activity takes time,dedication and special tools(= hair straighteners, cause besides being short, my hair has a messy way of growing, naturally!). I’m at my forth ghd now.

Stop thinking that I damage my hair with ghd’s. I’m not! Cause I buy only the certified ones.  Online ofc (told you my drama that I don’t have free time anymore).

Last week when I visited their shop, an awesome, visual surprise waited for me…they chose Kathy Perry to be their global face for ghd and the new limited edition Iconic Eras straighteners.
Wanna know what I like best when it comes to Katy? That she does not take herself too seriously all the time. As you may probably know by now, I love this kind of people.

So the saga continues, wish me luck. Cause what I didn’t tell you is that I have this urge of growing my hair long every year. I never have the nerves to wait though…

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  1. colorsdiary says:

    omg, i see myself in what you wrote 100% and I also want my hair to be longer

  2. I feel you! I rocked the bob hairstyle for years, until two years ago when I decided to let it grow. I have to admit that I had some thoughts about cuting it but now I decided not to. Let’s see for how long 🙂

  3. What a pretty sweater and I’m so in love with your cuff bracelets.Good luck with growing out your hair :D. Just don’t think about it and let it grow :))


  4. just claudia says:

    Yellow, yummy … :>
    Yes , Ana, you told me several times how much you like my blog title, :)) thank youuu :* You are such a sweet girl .
    Have fun!

  5. Si eu sunt in acelasi loc. Dupa trei ani in care am asteptat sa dobandesc (haha) un par de culoarea, textura si forma Irinei Lazareanu si mai apoi a lui Florence Welch, am…renuntat acum 3 luni, bagand foarfeca in el si taind 20-30 de centimentri cel putin. Acum ma mandresc cu tunsoarea mea de Twiggy, Freja si ce mai vrei tu, chiar daca am avut niste multe si marunte momente de ciuda. Intre timp, am aflat ca:
    – ma intinereste cu multi ani (7 was the high peak!)
    – imi subtiaza fata cat n-au reusit toate buclele si suvitele indreptate din lume
    – se aranjeaza singur cu conditioner fara sa ii fac nimic
    – se usuca din mers si GENIAL cand e ud si proaspat spalat (never had this advantage with long locks)
    – nu sufar de cald
    – e misto.

    DAAAR, cum lupu-si schimba parul dar naravul ba, mi-am propus, asemeni tie, sa-l las acum sa creasca. Mi-e groaza de perioada de “trecere” spre par mediu in care nici nu vreau sa ma gandesc cum o sa arate. Well..eventual I’ll crash at a parisian stylist si o sa ii zic “Make me Anna Karina!” haha

    Piece of advice: o sa dureze ceva dar cred ca rezultatul o sa fie pe masura asteptarii. Cred ca ti-ar sta foarte bine cu el pana la umeri si aranjat messy efortless 🙂

    Also, I’m having a hype about natural hair colors lately (after 8 intesive years of dying) so I advise everyone out there to let their true color see sunlight this fall 😀

  6. Iulia says:

    Imi place mult cum iti sta. Parca esti mai odihnita si arati mai fresh!
    M-a amuzat faza cu boyfriend’s (can’t remember which one) blouse. Hahaha! :))

  7. Zazuza says:

    the shoes are splendid! oh, and the thing with the blouse is hilarious :)))

  8. You’ll always look amazing, there’s no doubt about that. I keep cutting my hair myself and now it’s gotten to the point where even combed it looks like I live somewhere in the 80’s. I’m contemplating cutting it to the length you wear yours now, but I’ve gotten used to it longer…

  9. Buburuza says:

    Foarte expresive pozele tale, foarte misto blogul…te-am gasit intamplator si mi-a placut la nebunie…imi da o doza de …oxigen:)

  10. Sara C. says:

    I have the same shoes but in green. i love them, but are yours also so uncomfortable???
    Have a nice day and Stay Stylish!
    Sara C.

  11. modniza says:

    love your shoes , fab girl! xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Natasha says:

    I feel your pain. I have a habit of growing my hair out and then chopping it short again.

    Last November I cut my hair very short, a pixie-cut not unlike Twiggy. Finally it has grown all to one length and is now sitting pretty as a short bob.

    I’d still like it to grow a little more and a great deal faster.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why don”t you have it permanently straightened? It is costly, I admit, around 600 RON at Geta Voinea, but it’s worth it. no more iron, no more split ends, is purely wash and go. and it lasts for 6 months, when you have to have your roots redone.

  14. Love this outfit!! And good luck with growing out your hair!! I actually need a trim but I hate getting haircuts because I had a mushroom cut when I was younger…scarred me for life

  15. Grazziella says:

    If could imagine how much I love your shoes
    Really soft colors on this outfit I love it
    Bisous ma chère

  16. I’m excited to see you with long hair! I think I’m gonna let it grow too – winter is coming!!!! (geek reference, don’t mind me). You’re hot no matter what -and those yellow shoes are amazeballs!:)

  17. April says:

    Best wishes growing out your hair! I know it can be sooo hard to do!! I love the mint colored sweater with the yellow…just lovely!

  18. nookie says:

    Ohh, I had short hair through middle & highschool until one day I decided I wanted a long ponytail:)) So, after that it was a nightmare growing it, but now I love my long locks:)
    I’m sure you’re gonna look amazing!!!

  19. Oana says:

    I’m the league of short-haired girls as well (bob – checked!) and I really love it, although I’ve been getting the same haircut for about 2 years now (with some variations, tho). I’m thinking of growing my hair too, but I simply don’t have the patience (it takes time – I never really had long hair, only medium length) and I always had the feeling it’s too flat when it’s longer.
    Plus, I am a hair-model at a professional saloon in the city where I live, so I just can’t say no to a nice treat: free haircut and colour 🙂

    Aaannnd, I think that the current hairstyle suits me beautifully, I always get compliments for it! 🙂

  20. Oana says:

    But yeah, I’m sometimes thinking of how many wonderful things I could try if I had long hair (yes, I do crave for braids or at least a small fishtail)…

  21. Anna says:

    us girls are never satisfied with our hair, if it`s short we want it long if it`s curly we want it straight and so on. I found my absolutely favourite hairstyle, it`s short pixie hair. This style truly suits you! but I cannot wait to see you with longer hair, maybe I`ll change my oppinion 🙂


  22. so cool!!! love it!

    xoxo from rome

  23. Just found your blog
    love it

    Check out my new post: Red Lips
    Would love to have you as a follower

  24. Tamara says:

    Love your outfit!!!!!

  25. Unique28 says:

    Like your outfit, and thats so ironic I just did an outfit with a sweater today as well.

  26. Great look, love the colour! XO Rebecca

  27. Mirona says:

    I’ve always been a long-haired girl (except for one unhappy time in middle school, boy, was that a stupid idea or what?). Every time I fancy cutting my hair I always end up deciding against it. It just part of who I am. And I’m told I’m pretty mysterious 😀

  28. Roxana says:

    Folosesc placa de 11 ani, nici nu aparusera in Romania, a fost primul cadou cerut de mine unei prietene care pleca in vacanta si parul meu este bine mersi. Am avut si am incercat tot felul de placi dar de 5 ani folosesc aceeasi placa de la Braun cu tehnologie bazata pe ioni. Imi protejeaza parul si il face stralucitor si matasos. Cand o folosesc nu ies aburi = nu imi deshidrateaza parul.

  29. Plami says:

    Love this outfit…. as every outfit I saw on your blog!


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