Christmas is Better Together – Notes on How To Be Happy These Holidays

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And I am beginning to really think Christmas is better together. At least I won`t stay home and be all Grinch about it. But there are still some weeks left, some weeks in which I am preparing a big surprise for you all. #icantwaittoseeyourreaction But until then, my friends and I accepted C&A`s invitation to spend a morning in a Christmasy manner. Just to rehearse a little.

Noemi, Lightaholic, Mazilique, OEmanuel and I have a great social familiarity with each other so meeting over coffee was a delight. Avi (Noemi`s wonderboy) and Maria are best friends and they behaved impeccable besides being the cutest highlight of the day.

Now, this experience besides being a memorable campaign for me, also made me think more deeply on how I look at Christmas nowadays. And I noticed that my mentality towards this holiday that I kinda detested  don`t like, changed a bit.


And here`s why I think it did:


Ana Morodan

Avi si Maria

Ana Morodan

C , E si A

M si A


O si A

M, O si A

Noi toti

Ana MorodanI am wearing a C&A outfit, Smiling Shoes heels and Parfois necklace

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev at Ethan Allen




  • I`ve grown up and I thought myself to look on the bright side of things
  • I bought an artificial tree and so I am not participating in the gripping of this country only because of this useless tradition – the Christmas tree
  • Buying  a new lavish dress two days before Christmas and wearing it at the Christmas dinner makes me feel like a movie star
  • A Glass or Two of gin tonic never hurt nobody
  • Red lipstick and red nails are a must and some decadent jewelry are a natural Xanax
  • Positive people around me really have an optimistic effect on my Grinch vibe – Ok, not those ones who are Christmas fanatics like my friend Rares
  • This holiday is about being more open, positive, about helping others, although this should be a daily activity not a once a year one, so I tried to look at Christmas with a more open mind and not focus on my past experiences with this holiday
  • Because I imagine and build a fairytale around the house every year – no, not a Christmas/Froze one – more of a Capote like Black & White ball and this year Mazilique is teaching me how to prepare some goodies so I plan to be the sensual housewife with a nervous breakdown but still pretty sparkly



These are among my notes on being happy on Christmas day. Some of them I discussed about with the wonderful humans over our C&A campaign shooting, some of them I discovered myself over the year and some of my personal notes will remain just that, personal. At the end of the day the most important thing is to strive to be happy and positive, no matter what drove you to feel less joyful around this time of the year.


So dear C&A,

you are right, Christmas is indeed better together!



 #christmasisbettertogether #ca_romania









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  1. mir3la says:

    ador Craciunul cu tot ce inseamna el!

  2. Danciu Violeta says:

    vai ce frumos! minunate fotografiile si cred ca sedinta foto a fost o placere

  3. Avi_Fanclub says:

    Avi is the coolest kid on the block! 🙂

  4. Andra Andrei says:

    eu ador Craciuniul si sunt sigura ca tu nu esti Grinch…esti doar mai….rezervata :))

  5. Janina says:

    Christmas really is better together! Lovely idea by C&A!

  6. dana says:

    Superb! Abia astept sa-mi invit toti prietenii in jurul bradului!

  7. Alexandra says:

    vaaaaai, vreau brad acum acum acum!!!! Superb!

  8. sofia says:

    Lovely dress!

  9. Edna says:

    Is that cake real??????? ❤️❤️❤️

  10. vania says:

    Foarte frumos!
    Imi place mult ideea!

  11. Cristina says:

    adevarul e ca in perioada asta a anului parca toti suntem mai buni 🙂

  12. carmen says:

    The kids are lovely!!’n

  13. silvia says:

    Ador cadourile impachetate frumos! Cred ca m-as bucura si la un creion intr-un ambalaj frumos

  14. Laura says:

    I’m a Christmas fanatic!!!!!!

  15. Teresa says:

    Happy XmasTree friends 🙂 cool photos

  16. mara says:

    the sensual housewife with a nervous breakdown but still pretty sparkly :))))))))) love your irony

  17. Sorina Stroe says:

    aratati ca intr-o reclama din anii ’70 in SUA! Foarte tare!

  18. despina_love says:

    love your attitude!

  19. LoveAffair says:

    great photo shoot! Maybe I’ll do the same with my friends, lovely memories!

  20. Andrada says:

    doamneeeee cum arata tortul!!!! Si bradul!

  21. bella says:

    Maria and Avi are the cutest!!!! ❤️

  22. Sara Duna says:

    ce poze frumoase! Si toti aratati impecabil 🙂

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