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ana peroni

peroni dinner at anetta

peroni dinner at ana

ana and peroni


aneta and peroni

peroni 2

casa di ana

Peroni Diner at Morodan Chateau

Casa-di-Peroni-194-1024x683I the blue spirit of Peroni, I wore a blue printed dress from Manoush

Photos by Mihnea Ratte



Looking at the pictures again, I am even more convinced that this will remain a dear memory in my mind for a long time.

Peroni is one of those brands with which I feel deeply connected. Even from the first project with them, Peroni Collaborazioni and the last one, The House of Peroni, in London, this brand won me as a loyal adorer because of its premium and quality way it chooses to communicate with its consumers. I mean, Peroni is not just a drink, Peroni is a way of living, it is about aesthetics, about refinement, about a beautiful lifestyle. And I think their last shenanigan, a Peroni dinner called Casa di Peroni/Casa di Morodan was absolutely perfect!

The dinner was placed in one of my living rooms, we wanted the terrace but it was rainingggg, pfff. I had the pleasure of inviting 12 of my friends. Pictured evidence above. Well, except some secret agents we had for dinner and didn`t want to be photographed – Serban and Alessio.


I fell in love with the setting Sanziana from Visuell created – just look at the flower wallpaper <3 – we had a band who played old Italian songs live <3 again – tons of candles, refined food and as many Peronis as we wanted, so obviously we laughed the night away – literally.


Here are some tips&tricks I`ve tried and tested and proved handy when organizing a dinner party:


  • mix people that feel good with each other
  • always keep in mind the seat setting, you have to seat your guests keeping in mind the things they have in common with each other
  • put the accent on the decoration – make everything look wow, take out your couch, set a big table, decorate with candles and flowers. It`s not about an expensive setting but about a very unexpected one. My friends WOW-ed when they entered the room and nothing from what they knew was in that room was there, just a huge table
  • make a menu and a drink that you know everybody loves
  • be sunny and shiny and positive – nobody wants to see a depressed host
  • if it`s possible, bring a band to play live music – it will make your dinner unforgettable




Thank you again Peroni for creating this beautiful experience for me to share with my offline and online friends!


Take a look here to see the rest of the Casa di Peroni dinners. They are super inspiring.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anette Peronetta


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  1. Carmen says:

    Oh wow ce experienta! Totul arata minunat si tu arati ca cea mai fericita gazda! Felicitari!

  2. Karla says:

    Splendid and cheerful!

  3. Yummy Fashion says:

    Looks perfect!

  4. Popescu A. says:

    Pare ca toata lumea s-a simtit excelent, asa ca felicitari!

  5. miruna says:

    Ana te-ai intrecut pe tine arata diiiviiiiiin 🙂 decorul e impresionant si dupa fetele tuturor sunt sigura ca a fost o cina reusita

  6. Queen of Style says:

    Darling you are a wonderful host, i think the perfect dinner for me would look exactly like this, love your dress and your beautiful guests also!

  7. Fete Fine says:

    Ce concept frumos…oamenii ar trebui sa isi aduca aminte de importanta unei seri ca asta cu prietenii, si de necesitatea cunostintelor legate de a gazdui o seara…frumos

  8. Gloriaaaa says:

    Arati perfect! Felicitari!

  9. Kira Lina says:

    Super faina rochita <3

  10. Nina says:

    Stylish night @ Morodan Chateau <3

  11. Urania says:

    Stunning atmosphere darling wish i was there 🙂

  12. Crina Stoicescu says:

    Am notat lista, sunt de acord si ma va motiva sa organizez serile pe care mi le doresc, sunt fascinata de vremurile in care era considerat un talent sa fii o gazda perfecta…

  13. Pin Up Girl says:

    Peroni e super cool, campaniile si conceptele lor sunt realmente incantatoare!

  14. Karma Style says:

    Ce oameni frumosi 🙂

  15. Beatrice says:

    Milano Ahhhhh ce frumos…nu stiam ca este orasul tau drag din Italia, am atatea amintiri frumoase acolo…

  16. Irinux says:

    Felicitari draga mea! Ce frumos!

  17. Helga says:

    Adorabila atmosfera 🙂 si ai adus si muzica live! In living room! So so cool 🙂

  18. Bubu says:

    Charming host :*

  19. Nanette says:

    O super idee! Felicitari Peroni&Ana Morodan!

  20. Georgie Girl says:

    Sanziana did a stunning job it is amazing! Love your house dear!

  21. Vera says:

    It is a pleasure to see this, i must have been a bigger pleasur to be there i am sure by the smiles on everyone’s faces 🙂

  22. Vanessa says:

    Such evenings should be dear memories 🙂 and seems like yours was one indeed!

  23. Andrada says:

    Foarte frumoasa masa Milano <3 <3 <3

  24. Tracy Chic says:

    Darling it’s just amazing i am sure it was a delight for your friends to be there 🙂 congratulations!

  25. Queen says:

    You should do this more often Ana! Pick amother theme next time :))))) peroni and you did a lovely job . I am a fan if sanziaba by the way she is so talented!

  26. Foarte fain aranjament se vede ca s-a acordat o atentie deosebita detaliilor 🙂

  27. Andreea says:

    Draga mea, ești încântătoare!

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