Buh-bye,We’re Off to Dubai – Chapter 3

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3 October 2017 / By / 12 Comments

You know how I’m always on a diet. But I had to pause it (again) (it’s only the 38th time, don’t kill me) to taste everything Atlantis The Palm Dubai has to offer gastronomically speaking. And more!


So in today’s episode,


(because you know I’m super deep like that)


Stop fussing about the fact that Dubai is super hot (and yes, it is) because nowhere else will you be able to bask in the Sun quite like here. It’s so soothing to take in the heat and just lie in your chezlounge thinking about nothing.


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Find a meditation spot and get your mojo on. The aquarium is beautifully calm and there’s nothing like it to wash your blues away. I especially enjoyed watching the rays swing by, they’re like meticulously shaped gracious pancakes, don’t you think?




Take a stroll in the hotel’s beautiful hallways. And imagine that’s your home. Stomp that marble floor like you own the damn place. It will do wonders to dewrinkle your self-esteem. If you feel a little extra, put on aa metallic dress and a bold lip and strut it like Evangelista!





Go to the spa and get pampered. You deserve it, ladies! *Chin-Chin*


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Visit nature. THIS IS A MUST! There’s not a whole lot of places – that are as easily reached as Dubai – where you can set foot on pristine dunes of sand. I’m talking about the desert, of course!






TRY ALL THE RESTAURANTS! I’ll run you through my favourites. Nobu is one of the finest Japanese restaurants that I ever ate in. Offering an exquisite dining experience in a stunningly attractive space, this famous Japanese restaurant is one of the hottest venues in all Dubai.

Bread Street is basically the go-to spot if you want the most delicious carbs ever. The boys were crazy about the desserts here, and I have to admit: their white chocolate parfait is the creamiest!

If you are with a date and you want to impress, take them to Ossiano. The restaurant has large panes of glass, connecting to the vast aquarium. It’s simply awe inspiring!




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And lastly, I hope that wherever you’ve been, you came back replenished and relaxed, but most impostantly, thankful and happy. As you can see from my sticky sweet attitude (it’s rare, because I’m busy being a lady-boss all the time) it is the cafe for me.


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  1. Arabella says:

    Prima poza e indredibila, nu imi pot lua ochii de la ea!

  2. Miruna Diana says:

    What a beautiful place ❤️

  3. ramona lunca says:

    You’ve got the most amazing outfits EVER

  4. Laura Elena says:

    The last photo almost took m breath away ?

  5. Madalina M says:

    Next holiday destination confirmed! Abia astept 😀

  6. Miron Claudia says:

    Cat de dreamy e poza cu acvariul… Tot locul acela pare foarte relaxant, vacanta perfecta

  7. Livia says:

    Esti atat de frumoasa in poza din desert in care razi. E super diferita fata de pozele pe care le postezi in general si parca ne arati o alta latura a ta. Mi-ar placea sa o vedem mai des 😀

  8. Betty says:

    Superbe poze, nu ma mai satur sa ma uit la ele

  9. LuckyJane says:

    Si eu aud atat de multa lume cum se plange de caldura din Dubai, dar mie mi s-a parut super relaxanta si calmanta. E minunat, merita!

  10. Ioana I. says:

    Would you recommend this as a honeymoon destination? It seems perfect

  11. Iolanda Matei says:

    Ce bine suna restaurantele alea, daaaaamnnnn!

  12. minny says:

    Pozele din desert sunt de vis 🙂

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