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13 December 2013 / By / 4 Comments

Ana Morodan     Since you saw me having fun with Braun, here’s another cool thing I did with this cool brand – I had to model for a super cool idea of a fashion show. Model like model, with walking on a catwalk and make up and all the things included. All cool and nice, doable in my mind, I mean, I have to walk for Christ’s sake, how hard can that be? Well, I tripped, like a little twisted lady (#laughing) but I actually liked it. I mean, it wouldn’t have been me if chick lit novel situations wouldn’t have happened.


I wore a Murmur dress and my make up inspired me to go learn how to apply an eyeliner.


Andreea Badala, Ana Morodan .


Thank you Braun for this experience and for becoming my number one go to when it comes to #fashionablelegs


 .Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


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  1. TEO John says:

    oh my god! so sex&the city! you are so lucky!

  2. Style to Drop says:

    wish i was there :))))
    btw i am very faithful to braun love that you love it

  3. ginger girl says:

    normal ca te-au ales pe tine, you are a the chicest diva muah!

  4. Maria says:

    love murmur!

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