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Ana Morodan

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Ana Morodan 1I am wearing a Book Cover Tee by Noemi Meilman on a Lucian Borscatean pattern, Smiling Shoes heels and Cristina Savulescu feathers.

Photos by Mihai Dina



Noemi invited me to be a part of her Book Cover Tee project again so I`ve chosen a quote from one of Rodica Ojog- Brasoveanu`s books – A Liz Taylor like outfit – it`s one of my life`s mantras:


Anyways, I think it`s better for me to make bad paintings that a super perfect cake


Book Cover Tee is a humanitarian project which supports the animal center Iubirrre and a special project called Red and we are more than happy each time we get the chance to be involved.

I must admit, this year`s pattern designed by Lucian Broscatean is my favorite of them all. It`s loose but has a twist which transforms it into a center piece when you put it into an outfit.

You can shop my Book Cover Tee and see the rest of the authors on Molecule F – Kiss & Tell  but hurry, there are only 16 items left.


Thank you dear Noemi for always thinking at helping people and animals and thank you for giving us the chance to be a part of that. anaaa


Here`s the making-of video


Book Cover Tee 6, all the wonderful people








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  1. Sara says:

    love u r outfit

  2. Maria Andrei says:

    excelenta croiala, am deja cateva din colectoe iar mesajul ales de tine e foarte inspirat

  3. bianca says:

    super cool penele

  4. Ofelia says:

    Felicitari pentru implicare si lui Noemi pentru idee. Va urmaresc pe amandoua, doi oameni deosebiti

  5. Marina says:

    Love this collection and your molecule projects.

  6. nadia says:

    eu l am ales pe cel “semnat” de Ovidiu Buta, coriala e impecabila si materialul foarte prietenos

  7. Adelina says:

    Citatul e geniaaaaal

  8. Beatrice says:

    Great project, bravo to all

  9. anca dinulescu says:

    foarte inspirata alegerea mesajului 🙂

  10. oana says:

    eu am cate unul din fiecare colectie si da, si in cazul meu e tricoul preferat 🙂

  11. Mirela D. says:

    Lucian Broscatean is one of my favorite designers

  12. Lorena says:

    Felicitari pentru proiectele umanitare in care va implicati cu totii intr-o forma sau alta

  13. As intitula tricoul Birdlady, ca tot e “Birdman” pe val 😀

  14. pink fairy says:

    love the whole outfit and the t-shirt is pretty cool

  15. Laura says:

    toti arati foarte cool si ideile sunt minunate. Bravo Noemi pentru proiect

  16. greta l. says:

    hmmm ce alegere grea! nu pot sa le iau pe toate? 🙂

  17. Mioara Coman says:

    acum il comand! poate fi purtat ca rochie si mi se pare minunat 🙂

  18. clara says:

    sunt o mare iubitoare de animale si vreau sa te felicit pentru implicare. tricourile arata minunat- toate au fost superbe- si inca ma gandesc pe care l iau

  19. Larisa says:

    amazing outfit, love the feathers

  20. Ana-Maria says:

    Super citat ai ales! Si eu o iubesc pe Rodica Ojog-Brasoveanu 🙂

  21. denisa says:

    excelenta idee, am si tricoul semnat de tine din colectia de vara 🙂

  22. Alecsandra says:

    jos palaria pentru acest proiect, tricourile sunt impecabile, ideile minunate iar cauza una foarte nobila

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