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20 August 2012 / By / 6 Comments
 Shop this amazing Parlor skirt and necklace on Molecule F
© Serban Cristea

Dear people who have nothing better to do than read my stupid craziness,
I am writing to inform you that I’m still mentally sane and all, though I know some of you hate that, I’m happy and quite nice and polite (twice a week).
I was at sea this weekend. At a beach that made a big fuss when it opened. Well, it does look some sort of chic decorated, I have to give them that, but the people…hm….not a very smart and educated fauna, I might say.
Anyways, moving on with our daily agenda, the outfit topic – I worn this amazing and decadent skirt by Parlor. It was out of this world.
You know, wearing this skirt made me realize that to the person who I am now, smarter than I was a few years ago, I hope, it’s not important to be liked by everyone. On the contrary, I wanna be loved only by the people whom I admire and appreciate and with whom I share the same values, even the aesthetic ones. So maybe you tend to think that I’ve lost my mind or that I don’t care about you people anymore ( you = the ones who read my daily stupidity published for posterity). Not the case. But I like to think that if you are here, it’s because you share the same thoughts, issues and emotions like I do and if this is the case you know that I never mislead you and I was always fair regarding my nature.
Now, it’s only fair for me to say that I’ve grown up and that means I’ve grown up aesthetically too. Dark was always my pink and sadly, because this means that I’m getting old, I’m a woman now. And I feel confident, strong and feminine.  It’s only natural to move to another level.
So don’t be scared, it’s still me, the upgraded version.
Check If it’s Monday, it’s MORODAN day on MOLECULE F  and maybe, if you have time between the constant womanly winning  (I love to wine!!! I suspect my boyfriend for wanting to dump me because of that) to try that “confidence and strongness” shit.
Don’t waste your time being frustrated about yourself. You will wake up one day and realize that you were awesome and never realized that. And maybe it will be too late.
Goodbye kittens and welcome to the new era.

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  1. “not a very smart and educated fauna”….haha, good choice of words! kisses

  2. stilistele says:

    I suppose you can’t really say the name of that beach, but no loss, since there’s no beach in Romania with a respectful fauna, believe me…:) gorgeous skirt :X

  3. Anna says:

    what a gorgeous woman you are!! the skirt is amazing!

  4. georgi says:

    well… indeed you are getting older but you are getting older gracefully and wisely. you have style, which is mature, and clean and has nothing to do with the kitsch fashion that ”flies” around.

  5. Anaivilo says:

    Super awesome post! I adore the photos, so fierce and glamorous 😀

  6. Emanuel I. says:

    Imi plac si mie pozele dar mai ales…
    Partea feminina a acestora.
    Te felicit pentru curajul si atitudinea cu care ai purtat acel beachy-bra.

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