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chic Morodan visitng Anastasia




I don’t know about you guys, but as far as I’m concerned I always have eyebrow problems. And here’s why:

When I was born I was a small dark, hairy fur ball. Call me Yeti! Therefore, most of the times you can easily say that I have Mircea Albulescu‘s eyebrows. And that, for a little lady like me is not acceptable.

  For years I went from one beautician to another, tried many, was pleased only by a few.


It was only natural to pay a visit to Anastasia Beverly Hills Anastasia Soare‘s Bucharest Brow Saloon.


Hello Anastasia



As you may know Anastasia Soare is world wide known as the first brow expert. She defined a technique that defines and measures how your eyebrows should look according to your face proportions.  With this purpose, Anastasia created a line of beauty products such as stencils, brow powder, brow gel, pencils and all-in-one kits that help you get the perfect look for your eyebrows. Moreover, she extended the offering with a range of make-up from eye shadow palettes to smudge proof eyeliners and lip glosses.

Knowing that all the brow experts at Anastasia Beverly Hills are trained by Anastasia herself I’ve decided to give it a try.


loving Anastasia Beverly Hills Experience

the perfect eyebrows at anastasia beverly hills


anastasia experience



I was explained, very simply and understandably – I told them that I am complete beauty idiot and I do not know very much on this matter – why I should keep my eyebrows shaped like this, why I should use certain products and what actions they have upon my skin and eyebrows and I even learned how to take care of my eyebrows by myself.


I love Anastasia Beverly Hills



Tadddaaaa! A? We like? No Yeti around here anymore, b***ches.


Hello Perfect EyebrowsI am wearing a H&M trench, Zara heels, vintage and Malvensky necklaces and a Celine bag



In Los Angeles Anastasia has clients like Oprah, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Megan Fox and many other celebrities so she must be pretty A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.


Now, I have the perfect eyebrows, all that is left to become a refined lady is to start acting like one.

Also, I am going to convince Serban to come with me to Anastasia. They have this kind of service for gentlemen also.




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Yeti no more Morodan


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Ana Morodan
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  1. High Heels says:

    your look is amazing, need to get myself a trench like that and some new eyebrows

  2. Laurette Now! says:

    Hi there! cool stylish lady you are Ana, I just love your look

  3. Fiona's Style says:

    you look perfect, and love what they did with your eyebrows ana.
    sounds like a plan for me to go there, need some pampering after all this work in the city

  4. COOL GIRLS says:

    esti etraordinara, si eu sunt beauty clumsy 😉 avem nevoie de experti, ce sa mai!

  5. COOL GIRLS says:

    esti extraordinara, si eu sunt beauty clumsy 😉 avem nevoie de experti, ce sa mai!

  6. miruna says:

    oh dear, adorr pantofii tai, dar cred ca ti-am mai zis (cel putin in gand). LOVE the eyebrows

  7. Cherasela says:

    you are such an inspiration with all your good vibe and beautiful tips!

  8. Soos Cristina says:

    Wow … nice eyebrows !
    Eu ink nu am dat de o cosmeticiana care sa ma penseze ok … Ba una ii mai lunga, ba mai groasa, ba mai sus, ba mai jos … ba mi le vopseste cu un cm deasupra lor …

    You look amazing my dear , cand o sa am ocazia o sa incerc Anastasia 🙂
    Pupici Ana :* :*

  9. Diana says:

    eu am doua cosmeticiene intre care oscilez mereu…
    niciuna nu e rea, dar niciuna nu e perfecta.
    deocamdata merg pe mana lor si am un kit de la benefit, care imi place mult mult de tot!

  10. ANCA says:

    INTERESTING! Pity that you do not like to write ROMANIAN….. suppose your native language …. U’d have many more options to describe what you have experienced…Try that sometimes !!

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Anca I did but I have readers from all around the world so it wouldn’t be fair towards them, no? 🙂

  11. Emanuel I. says:

    Ce bien te prind noile eyebrows.
    Hugs, hugs, kiss, kiss!

  12. Ioana says:

    Very nice, Ana! I would love to try them on my next visit to Bucharest! I suppose they only have a salon in Bucharest for the moment?

  13. Karla Jacoby says:

    What was the price for the beautiful eyebrows? I love them.

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