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Is Mediation As Efficient as it is Preached?

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Park on your own Responsibility and 3, there, THERE exclamation points!!! (did I ever told you I completely detest exclamation points used frantically? )    Saw this sign right across the place were I do pottery sessions. You know, for relaxation. For calming my mind, for putting my anxiety to rest, for not overdosing on […]

3 February 2018 / By / 11 Comments

THE Destination You Need To See ASAP

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God Claude is my witness that Petra was on my yearly travel list for a while now. Each time I saw an Instagram pic from Petra or Wadi Rum my heart ake a bit. I don’t think I ever told you but I have this weird attraction for deserts. I find them seductive & magnetic. […]

30 January 2018 / By / 24 Comments

Acting Career: Failed

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Cariera in actorie, esuata! De multe ori, in momente diferite, m-am imaginat una dintre aceste trei femei de neuitat. Mi-am dorit sa pot asimila senzualitatea atat de fireasca a lui Marilyn, sa raman cu spiritul si fizicul mereu proaspate si sa fiu plina de viata si de candoare precum Margareta Paslaru, sa transform orice clipa […]

25 January 2018 / By / 10 Comments

It’s Not Balmoral but it Could Be

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I swear to God, I’ve been born an old woman. Every piece of yellow brick in the road leads to Oz. (that’s a really smart euphemism that means “everything leads to the conclusion I’ve stated before” because I’ve been reading more and polishing my wording. I’m planning to work on my “sticking to the point” talents […]

18 January 2018 / By / 11 Comments

Speaking at the Biz SMS Camp

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It was the middle of September I think. Yes, the middle of September, when Marta Usurelu called me and asked me to be a speaker at Biz Magazine‘s BIZ SMS Camp. I accepted not knowing much about what Biz SMS Camp was. But as I do with most things in life, I confirmed almost on the spot, […]

14 January 2018 / By / 16 Comments