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14 June 2017 / By / 10 Comments

Some glimpses of Aunt Endora on her daily strolls through Dante’s Florence. To be honest, she enjoys midnight strolls a lot more due to their mystery and odd charm, however who the hell can take gorgeous photos at midnight? No one. Absolutely no one. Anyway, she’s determined to tell you the story of one of her favorite perfumes. A perfume she recently discovered (because it was recently launched, not because she’d be in any way left behind by the times or old fashioned, no) and which makes her feel so brilliantly herself. And she IS magical, I’ll tell you that. 




As you might have noticed, Aunt Endora traveled to Tuscany with her darling (and spoiled) nephews Claude & Costri (also known as Lord Watson & Blac Chyna). She was lucky because they served her well, picturing her every move, her every sentiment. Just like any well behaved nephew would do (totally not creepy at all, I swear).








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Of course there’s a black cat involved, I told you she enjoys the dark and the mysterious more. Okay, okay, you’ve seen her before and she’s grey. But she kind of looks black in this photo. And what is grey after all, if not a lighter shade of black?



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Since she does not plan to have children, Aunt Endora plans to leave all of her fortune to these two (and maybe some to the cat), however, not the Tuscan Soul perfumes. Never the perfumes. She’s keeping those. She still has lots of years to live, so she plans to use them up them in Italy, in a Tuscan mansion (maybe in Lucca?) surrounded by the Tuscan Soul perfumes. She has one for every state of mind and heart she might find herself lost into, so she decided to keep them ALL!


Oh, and she plans to write you a (maybe love?) letter about La Commedia soon. Stay tuned. She is really fond of you people!


Costri aka Black Chyna




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  1. Petra Diaconu says:

    Ce echipa draguta ai! 😀

  2. Arabella says:

    Abia astept sa apara rochia albastra cu print floral pe Morodan shop ?

  3. Great post and pics! X

  4. Lilly says:

    Outfitul din prima poza <3 <3

  5. Mirela B. says:

    What gorgeous place you’re sharing with us, yet again. I’d love to visit Tuscany one day, your photos definitely lit that fire within me.

  6. mimilicious says:

    Sandalele de la Moja sunt <3

  7. Raisa says:

    Oh, that view ???

  8. Diana Cozan says:

    Aunt Endora e o norocoasa, si mie mi-ar placea de mor sa ma pot duce sa-mi traiesc restul zilelor undeva in Florenta. Pana acum e cel mai frumos loc unde am fost vreodata.

  9. Eva C. says:

    f tare aceasta matusa Endora, I wish I had one :)) Lasand glumele la o parte, imi plac super mult toate tinutele din postare, dar mai ales rochia baby blue cu acele sandale 😀

  10. Oana_Banana says:

    Abia astept sa incerc parfumul, Signorina mi-a placut suuuper mult

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