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14 August 2014 / By / 14 Comments


I am dead excited because finalllllyyyy I get to show you people one of the few upcoming projects we`ve been working on and are still  working our butts off these days.




I must say that Ask Ana is close to my heart because through it I will be able to communicate more personally with you and that is one of my main aims.

.You have helped me in ways you can never imagine. All of you have been here for me unconditionally and for that, you have my eternal gratitude! Ask Ana will be one of my ways of giving back.


I am not telling you more now because in a few days we`ll be on air and I want the surprise to be maximum. #esyesIlovemakingsurprises


Ahhh, can`t waitttt.








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  1. carmen popa says:

    aaaaa, abia astept!

  2. marina says:


  3. KARLA says:

    wow, abia astept sa vad despre ce e vorba. filmuletul e foarte simpatic!

  4. anca says:

    abia astept sa vad despre ce e vorba! esti atat de funny pe video, sunt sigura ca o sa ne distram de minune!

  5. Liliana Popa says:

    cizmele sunt minunate! le port non stop! ma gandesc sincer sa-mi iau inca o pereche! :))))) felicitari pentru rubrica!

  6. oana says:

    Liliana, ai dreptate cu cizmele, si eu le am! tinuta este simpla si sofisticata in acelasi timp!

  7. ancutza21 says:

    abia astept sa vad despre ce e vb si cred ca nu sunt singura

  8. elsa says:

    Can’t wait to ask ana!

  9. aurelia2012 says:

    abia asteptam rubrica noua cat si clubul de carte! cand va fi urmatorul? mi-am promis ca nu-l mai ratez. te pup! o zi frumoasa!

  10. teo says:

    nu ma mai satur de video! ma tot uit pe repeat de aseara! 🙂 piesa e foarte pozitiva, de tine nu mai zic!

  11. Marga says:

    Oh, abia astept! Sunt sigura ca o sa fie splendid, ca toate proiectele ci care ne-ai obisnuit!

  12. Raluca Oana says:

    Morodan Tv suna minunat!

  13. Ana, esti minunata! Iar munca ta este atat de inspiring. Keep up the good work <3

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