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1 November 2014 / By / 23 Comments

AutorJewelParty_A4Photo by Silvia Postolatiev



Not even one obsession for diets. The right piece of jewelry will make you perfect.

This weekend, at AUTOR 12, jewelry that dress you.



Well, you know…I had to. I really had to. Because it`s fun and daring and different. So yes, I gladly accepted when Dan Piersinaru, the mastermind behind the biggest Contemporary Jewelry Fair in this part of Europe, proposed me to give a personal perspective to the American Beauty poster.

`You know Ana, it`s nothing, you just lay on a pile of leaves, undressed. Peanuts. We`ll have fun!`

Hmmmm…Not hmmmm-ed much and accepted right away. Because it`s fun and daring and different. And I like that.

Fun we had for sure because among those leaves were all kinds of little creatures like bugs and snails and spiders. I guess that me shouting like hell will be pretty memorable.


Ok, goodbye now, we`ll be waiting for you at Autor this weekend (find the details on the poster). I`ll be also waiting for my mother`s horrified and isterical call. I think she just fainted.







Ana von Leaves

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  1. RAISA says:

    oh my God, the poster is amazing!!!! you look great!

  2. DeeDee says:

    fix la ce-o sa zica mama ta ma gandeam cand mi-a aparut imaginea pe facebook! :))

  3. american beauty says:

    you look great! I sincerely hope you did not do the shoot outside…in a park or something, no?

  4. Veronica Dobre says:

    ador Autor! am cumparat ceva de la fiecare editie

  5. Grise Oana says:

    am fost astazi si am gasit cateva piese absolut minunate!

    PS: afisul e genial!

  6. Hedonia says:

    This is one hell of a stunning picture. It’s perfect. I wonder though how on earth those leaves sticked to your body?? Are they glued them to your underwear? 🙂

  7. adriana says:

    posterul e superb, sper ca mama ta a apreciat arta!

  8. Kiss says:

    I love Autor and the location is amazing!

  9. Ramya says:

    great event, I found some treasures yesterday and yes, I’m going again today! 😀

  10. gloria seciu says:

    I discovered Ana Barbu and David Sandu this year, amazing designers! Must check it out!

  11. ela says:

    autor e un proiect foarte frumos si ma bucur din suflet ca un eveniment 100% romanesc are din ce in ce mai mult succes!

  12. bianca says:

    wow, editia 12! super tare! parca ieri am fost la primul #autor!

  13. Alina Oana Popa says:

    am auzit de targ dar din pacate nu am reusit nicidoata sa ajung. poate vor organiza editii speciale in mai multe orase din tara, cred ca sunt multe fete in situatia mea

  14. fashionlover says:

    #Autor is a great project! congrats to everybody involved!

  15. marry says:

    great poster! i love it and i love the movie!

  16. Adriana Soho says:

    de cele mai multe ori cand ma uit pe blogul tau ma gandesc “GREAT OUTFIT!” :). ei bine, e cazul si acum. great outfit! 🙂

  17. marga says:

    pentru ca niciodata nu e prea devreme sa cauti cadourile de Craciun, I vote for Autor! cei mai cool designeri si organizare ireprosabila

  18. Gilda Iosef says:

    many more Autor and Ana! you make a great team!

  19. Netty says:

    organizare ireprosabila, e intotdeauna o placere sa merg la targ

  20. femme_fatale says:

    Great jewelry in one place, #theplacetobe!

  21. Sonya Lisa says:

    Amazing jewelry, love it every time!

  22. draga says:

    Minunat afisul, absolut minunat!

  23. Hera says:

    Amazing photo! It has ‘balls’!!

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