Tea on the Nile with Poirot and Cleopatra

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“Yes, I like that—loyalty, I mean. It’s out of fashion nowadays. She’s an odd character, that girl—proud, reserved, stubborn, and terribly warm-hearted underneath, I fancy.” ― Agatha Christie, Death on the Nile



I`m spending my Easter in complete silence. In the middle of nature. Although I`m not feeling the Easter spirit to the bones – you already know I`m not a fan of Christmas, Easter, holidays like these, that are very religiously loaded – I still enjoy these days when everybody has days off and all theusual crazy fussing tones down.


These days provide the perfect moments for me to go through my Blog Stories folder to look forsome of the ones left untold. The Cairo Affair was among them.


Otilia Brailoiu dress





 I still remember that afternoon when Maurice and I were on a terrace. Shift, I guess, he started talking about `Death on the Nile` – one of Agatha Christie`s Hercule Poirot novels, that was alsoturned into a movie. That discussion got me so excited that I ran home and watched it again, for the 10th time. The costumes, the actors, the plot, everything was beyond glamorous and left me, yet again, with the feeling that I belong to another era.


A few months have passed and my fan turned into friend, Illy, insisted that we go on an adventure together. She was leaving for Cairo in a few days, so the opportunity to live our own adventure on the Nile materialized. Obviously, we hopped on.


Morodan Shop suit and heels 



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Cristina Savulescu dress



Sure, I can write another small epistle on this episode. How Illy was already there and I had to leave a few days after, but missed my flight, how I dropped my phone right before entering the plane, how the phone fell on the ground from 40 feet and got totally damaged, how I thought I would never recognize my driver at the airport and got panicked as hell, and so on. But let`s skip the craziness, because for me, a permanent resident in Murphy`s World, this all usually happens on any other day as well.


Ramon Filip earrings – Louis Vuitton bag


I`m leaving you with some instants of our adventure in Cairo, a city of extremes, mesmerising and mysterious, that proved to be as exiting as in the times of Poirot.


I left Cairo with the feeling that soon I`ll come back to the city, as if from another dimension. Cairo has glamorous places, a jet-set society and movie like settings, as well as traditions, extremes and dust. 
Egypt is another world and I may be delusional, but the whole week I spent in Cairo I felt like someone, a big eye, was always watching over that city.


From where she is, Cleopatra, most certainly, is still protective of her empire. 6b


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  1. anamaria says:


  2. Miruna Tomescu says:

    Wow, si eu imi doresc de mult timp sa ajung in Cairo, pare un oras minunat

  3. Vivi says:

    Ce frumoasa e rochia alba cu paiete :OOO

  4. Shane says:

    Death on the Nile is my favourite book of all time, the movie is beautiful too 🙂

  5. Iulia Romana says:

    Ultima poze – perfectiune <3

  6. clau says:

    Love how you styled your outfits, I can never make myself be stylish when I travel 😀

  7. mimilove says:

    Esti asa frumoasa! Sarbatori Fericite!!!

  8. Catalina Popa says:

    Ce faina e coroana pe care o ai in unele poze, oare imi poti spune si mie unde as putea gasi asa ceva? Multumesc!

  9. Lily says:

    Cristina Savulescu face cele mai superbe rochii <3<3<3

  10. Ramona Sarbu says:

    Nu vi-a fost frica sa mergeti acolo? Din cate am mai auzit se mai intampla niste lucruri nu tare dragute cu turisti…

  11. Roro says:

    Cum e rujul Louboutin???

  12. Amalia Dutu says:

    Ce poze frumoase… Cairo e orasul viselor mele, sper sa ajung si eu intr-o zi pe acolo 🙂

  13. roxxyyy says:

    Love the white dress you’re wearing in the second photo, looks so majestic!

  14. manu ela says:

    Ce tinute faine 😀 Very aristo :X

  15. Lady Di says:

    Ce draguta e prietena ta 🙂 Hope you girls had funnnn

  16. alexa says:

    Ador poza din hotel (banuiesc), de langa oglinda plina cu flori roz, e absolut superba 🙂

  17. MoroFan says:

    Your tassel earrings are <3

  18. Simona Petru says:

    A doua poza e absolut GENIALA, rochia e minunata, de tine nu mai spun, iar peisajul…. de vis!

  19. Henrietta. says:

    Gosh, Cairo is so gorgeous!

  20. mimifatale says:

    I <3 David Suchet as Poirot, ce dragut sa pomenesti Death on the Nile!
    Dar sugerez nicer perfume pt asa tinute cu panas: poate 1000 de la Jean Patou? 🙂

  21. Rocks says:

    Ana, te asteptam si in Iordania.

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