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26 March 2012 / By / 9 Comments
Zara shoes and skirt, H&M blouse and ring, Style Stalker necklace

I’m finally in my apartment, a little shocked.

“Why is she back? She was supposed to never come back. I wonder if the others found out…”
These sort of questions were mingling through my mind when the bell ringed.
Eva stormed right in.
“I found out who she is!!! Goood, why is she back? What does she want now? After all this time…You know what this means right? “
And then, suddenly I knew, I remembered everything I worked so hard to forget was right there in front of my eyes, the people, the series of events, the images, their clothes, the shocked faces, the “press version” of the story we all gave after…”
Eva was preparing some cocktails in the kitchen and I was getting all my jewelry out for her to pick one for the event she has to attend tonight. Meanwhile, in the other part of the city, Robyn was waking up. It has been two days of constant partying and his pictures are all around of the news papers meaning that his grandmother will cut him of the funds this month. But it did not matter to him, she is back in town and tomorrow at the tea party everything will begin again. Just like the old times…

Well, if you are number 33 send me an email and you will receive your Snobbish Breakfast dress right in time for the party.  Felicitaciones kitten!


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  1. Oh damn, I really wanted to win that dress! Really, ANY Snobbish Breakfast Dress would be awesome! 🙂

    Congratulations to next winner!


  2. Jen S. says:

    You look fantastic as usual!!! I love the lace skirt with raglan top combo…


  3. out of order says:

    I love the hi-lo mix, you loo fab as usual, ladycakes <3


  4. Biju.Brill says:

    You’re killing me Ana!!!!!

  5. coco says:

    lovely skirt !

  6. Adee says:

    Imi place mult fusta ta.( bine imi plac toate fustele tale :-))
    Ah si felicitari castigatorului, nu pot sa cred ca am fost atat de aproape (32 :-< )
    Have a lovely day !

  7. Mali says:

    Are these two parts a small bit of your first chick lit novel? Or is it a preview from an episode of Gossip Girl?:D

  8. georgi says:

    you look lovely! and that skirt is amazing!

  9. loving your blog girly!!! take pics of the apartment!!

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