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the perfect dress





smiling ana

detoxmI am wearing a Manoush dress, Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes Black Eva boots and Cartier Love bracelet

© Serban Cristea @ Ma Cocotte which is a serene and peaceful bistro that I plan to visit each time I am in Brasov





I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but my way of acting and changing things in my life was always triggered by a little epiphany. The time I understood that I need a change of career, a change in my way of thinking or acting in certain situations, small life revelations, things that I need to improve at my way of living, my diet, the way I see other people and when to stop loving someone. All my life’s improvements were a declic I had in a certain moment.

I always thought that I might have a guardian angel, because you could think all those triggers are based on impulse, but here’s the trick –  they may be impulsive but I have never, ever in my life mistaken when I acted according to them. A? Fishyyyy…

In the last three days I had two epiphanies  – I thought about them and I am, once again, convinced that they are true and that I should keep them in mind. One of them is that no matter how snobbish or hipster-ish it might sound for some people, we must change our eating habits. Lately I’ve been exposed to all types of  information regarding food and how we should build ourselves a healthy diet, what really happens in our bodies  when we ingest chemicals and so on. Mannn, it’s really hard to say “goodbye” to McDonald’s and KFC when you’re a junk food lover, but I’ll be in my thirties in a year or two, so healthy living and sports are kinda necessary. And it’s not even because of narcissistic reasons but because I want to live a healthy life.

Ok, ok, I will not lie, if this new lifestyle will make me look more like Elle MacPhearson, it will be a hell of a bigger bonus. Maybe then I will wear sensual/short dresses a lot more often. You must agree that this Manoush one makes me very huggable (#sayyesorillkillyou). By the way, you’ve noticed that there’s a new Manoush in town, no? At Promenada Mall, of course. I say a new Manoush because their whole line has been redesigned to be more edgy. Go take a look if you are around. Oh, yes, you should definitely go take a look these days – they have SALESSSS.


Oh, I never told you the second epiphany I had these last days but that’s a story for another day. Maybe tomorrow.



Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


The Manoush Lady

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  1. Superba Ana! Excelenta locatia iar rochia e divina! Stii aduci asa cu Alice in Wonderland!
    Te pup


  2. Maria says:

    You look magnificent and this shoot is one of your best!

    Have a nice day!

  3. anaivilo says:

    The dress is really gorgeous dear! I love the location as well 😉

  4. Cecille says:

    aaaawwww 🙂 manoush sales is the declic for meeee

  5. crina toma says:

    arati splendid locul asta, uite de asta ador blogul tau, mereu descopar locuri fascinante

  6. riri says:

    you are absolutely gorgeous love the dress!

  7. Danielle J. says:

    manoush is one of my favourite brands <3 glad you dig it too dear

  8. Style Is Here says:

    j’adore the dress on you and the lovely boots!!!!! uuu and that organic thing you are holding looks so tasty 🙂 we must take care of our bodies, i totally agree

  9. Paula says:

    esti o diva si te iubesc Ana :)))) ma inspiri

  10. Chic & Chic says:

    this color looks great on you, i am a fan of manoush and love the color palette actually in these beautiful images! muah!

  11. Viviana Marinescu says:

    Hello contesa superba! mi-am luat cizme ca ale tale si le ador, sunt comode si transmit fix ce vreau despre mine 🙂

  12. Stylish Babes says:

    On my way to manooooouuush!!!

  13. Miruna says:

    Hmmmm …. stiu ce vrei sa spui, momentele astea sunt cele in care vedem cel mai clar de fapt viata noastra, si pe noi insine. Parca se deschide o alta usa, parca urc inca o treapta, asta e senzatia. Nu? kisses for my clever stylish fav diva

  14. TEO says:

    frumps putfit si loc! iar stira este cea mai buna veste pe ziua de a #manoushlady

  15. Jane johnson says:

    ok, i am sure i read this today to finally start having the healthy life i want! love!

  16. Laura m says:

    The dress! The place! The floor….

  17. Irinuca says:

    Foarte frumoasa atitudinea ta, si alegerile pline de rafinament scumpa ana 😉

  18. Raluca says:

    Buna Ana, faine poze, as always, dar am o intrebare.. cand tii detox -ul, renunti si la fumat in aceea saptamana? Reusesti? It seems soo f***** hard! Si daca da, cum? Ai putea face un post despre detox ul tau&on daca imi permiti sugestia. Te kissulesc! ❤️

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Raluca, nope, nu renunt la fumat in perioada in care singurul lucru care orice inght e lichd. Si asa imi vine sa omor oameni pe strada dar sa nici nu pot fuma ar fi cred ca fatal :))

      O sa scriu, indeed 🙂

  19. Smaranda says:

    Majoritatea pozelor de pe blog sunt pline de dramatism. Cred ca ai fi o actrita excelenta.

    Debordezi de atitudine si imaginatie, imi place foarte mult!

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