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Ana is Thailand


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Morodan looking amazingI am wearing a Simona Bejan dress and vintage earrings

© Serban Cristea



It’s me. Of course I did not forget about you. I am just taking it slow. I’m still in Thailand and the thought of leaving it and returning to the city makes me shiver with a little bit of sadness.

We’ve visited the Tiger temple yesterday and went to see the elephants so it was all new for me. The Tiger Temple – 1.269 steps to climb until the way up – I reached 364 and thought I’ll die. I settled with waiting for Serban down stairs and admiring their statues. Although they have a different religion than most of us, Europeans, when you enter a holy place you feel the same peace and calmness. Here’s a little bit of mysticism too, so naturally, I loved it. They call it the Tiger Temple because on the old days was a tiger habitat there and as you know buddhists believe that Tigers are sacred.


I must confess,  wearing this dress made me feel like a countess and a backed cockroach at the same time. Well, a lady should look immaculately no matter the situation, the daily advice from my grandmother.

And now, the elephants – I think they are apex predator and still behave with so much calmness and harmony. They are peaceful and gentle just like they want to tell you that the key to their power is just this, being in harmony with all the creatures around you. The baby elephant you see in the picture is Tuna. She is 5 years old.

I’ll have to go now, it’s afternoon here and we have to leave for another adventure. I’m sending you big hugs and Thailand sends it’s regards.






      Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is

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  1. Yasmina says:

    wow there is magic in that athmosphere <3 you look amazing really beautiful dress ana

  2. Chic & Chic says:

    what a somptueuse place and lady 🙂 lovely

  3. Tina Balerina says:

    esti la fel de calma si frumoasa ca statuile astea superbe! ador ultima poza mi-as pune-o pe perete 🙂

  4. Queen of Style says:

    what a dream i can’t believe how different life is there…and you look stunning dear…

  5. Camelia Rusaneanu says:

    ahhhh ce dor de duca mi-ai facut! rochia e bestiala! si tu mai ales!!!

  6. Hera says:

    o zeita nu alta 😉

  7. Pina Lewis de Chic says:

    sooooooooooooo cute love little Tina and Ana :)))))) enjoy your stay there you travelling countess!

  8. irinuca says:

    cred si eu ca nu mai vrei sa te intorci de-acolo, cel putin nu asa repede, ca uitandu-ma la imaginile astea as vrea sa ma teleportez direct in tailanda…oricum, chiar si in vacanta esti o diva ce sa mai! foarte frumos

  9. Baby Jean says:

    breathtaking images! loved your post today!

  10. Fete Fine says:

    mai vreeem mai vreeem :))))) rochia ta m-a cucerit total, la fel ca si locul

  11. Passion for Fashion says:

    have a nice adventure today then! can’t wait to see another thai-countess-out of this world-outfit cause i am loving this one

  12. isabelle says:

    you rock! that’s all i have to say

  13. Alice Dooper says:

    nice earins, i quite like how you chose the dress for them

  14. Nathalie says:

    I love your grandma’s advice and I really love the dress on you.

    Have fun in thailand !!


  15. Alice Dooper says:

    nice earrins, i quite like how you chose the dress for them

  16. maria tanasescu says:

    locul arata superbism, iar tu in pesajul asta chiar chiar esti o poveste frumoasa #droolingfor vacation #and #thisdress

  17. maria tanasescu says:

    locul arata superbisim, iar tu in pesajul asta chiar chiar esti o poveste frumoasa #droolingfor vacation #and #thisdress

  18. Lucia says:

    ador prima fotografie, toate sunt wow, dar aceasta este…nu ma mai satur de ea, totul e frumos, de la culori, la atitudinea ta, la outfit, totul totul <3

  19. fiona hey says:

    hihihi :)) you’re so funny, sometimes i fell like you are talking about me, in this case with the stairs, don’t worry dear, you are so gorgeous in that you don’t need to climb them all, you are already at the top 😉

  20. Style Bubble says:

    Ana took real style to Thailand! oh yes!

  21. Soos Cristina says:

    The Tiger Temple Countess <3
    Divina !
    Pupici :*:*

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