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backyard bedroom detail

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Backyard bathroom

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anamorodan com 4I am wearing an M.Marquise dress and an H&M necklace

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev



I am in my home away from home so a deep cleavage is an understated – how do you think I landed an awesome lover? #haha.


My dear all,

In this sunny Monday, when I know that the general vibe is to feel bad because it`s well, Monday! We won`t! And we won`t because today I`m bringing you a ray of sunshine – my most treasured secret of the last weeks. I have found it, my home away from home, the perfect getaway, the place where you learn that beautiful living is a choice and that we owe it to ourselves. A Proudly Romanian but Truly International amazing place called PoemBoem.


In a lovely afternoon when a very elegant young lady was talking passionately about this villa she had found in Sinaia. I instantly clicked their site and you know, I WENT MADLY IN LOVE with the place.

It is needless to say that this place is out of this world. The attention to details, the fact that you can find everything in this house – from a full equipped kitchen to an aromatic herbal garden, from a terrace with a natural spring to a sauna, tea, music, dvds and selection of good books.


PoemBoem can be rented as a whole house, because they offer an experience not a place where you only just sleep when you are not home. So it can either be just you (as I plan in the middle of October for my relaxing weekend alone) – or you and our soul mate or you and your family or friends (I also secretly plan a weekend like this for my friends) or you just can buy a gift card and offer a romantic getaway in this out of this world place as a gift.


Now, tell me, did I enlighten your Monday? Does PoemBoem make it to your `must live the experience` list? What do you think about this place? I am ecstatic every time I find a dreamy place like this in our country!


Now, before I go and cover my boobs I`m leaving you with PoemBoem`s mantra – Beautiful living is a choice. We owe it to ourselves. If you know you have a soul, you know you have to feed it. #soperfectlytrue




Do as Ana does and you'll be as confident as she is


Anetta von Morodanetta

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  1. fashion victim says:

    You look so AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. You really are a modern countess Ana <3

  2. Alexa says:

    Ai dreptate, m-am uitat si eu la ei pe site si din ce vad si la tine, locul este de vis cu adevarat. Imi place enorm 🙂

  3. Ioana Popescu Darie says:

    Am fost si noi acolo. Locul este de basm, recomand cu caldura! Ana, ma bucur ca mereu promovezi locatii care merita popularizate pentru ca sunt pline de bun simt si de stari de bine!

    Felicitari pentru felul in care cresti in aceasta industrie si pentru maniera onesta cu care iti tratezi cititorii.

    Cu drag,

  4. Dina the Chic says:

    Ce sexy esti azi, Anette von Morodanette :))

  5. Ella says:

    This looks like a perfect place

  6. Julitte Lewis says:

    Chiar ca esti sexy azi Ana :))) Sexy si de basm, ca de fiecare data. Mi-ar placea si mie sa fiu atat de increzatoare in mine. Zic asta pentru ca vad ca suntem la fel de dotate :))

  7. Always in Style says:

    This place is dreamy and you look like a fairytale. Love it!

  8. Ramona Tanase says:

    haha :)) mi-ai binedispus ziua draga Ana! esti un vis

  9. Marrrrrina says:

    That white bedroom is everything! I wish I`s still be living in Romania 🙂

  10. Fete Fine says:

    Rochia ta este superba Ana. Asa deci, acasa se sta cu decolteu, great tip ;))

  11. Ada Prunariu says:

    Si eu am fost acolo. Este un loc intr-adevar superb Ana! Chiar merita vizitat!

  12. Patsy The Fashion Darling says:

    Poza cu tine in cada este preferata mea. So heroine chic

  13. My lovely mornings says:

    Wowwww Ana, dar esti dotata cum s-ar zice :))) Foarte fain locul, asa e.

  14. Mara cea mica says:

    Ana banana, esti magnifica azi, imi plac shootingurile tale a la contesa. Tu esti singura careia ii si vine natural si firesc. Restul sunt copii mici si nereusite. parerea mea

  15. We Have Style says:

    O pisica iti lipsea Ana, ca data trecuta :))

  16. Style and Fun says:

    The gracious Morodan

  17. Ioana Helga says:

    Asa e, sunt de acord, tie iti ti se potrivesc firesc aceste ipostaze si esti autentica. <3

  18. Simona Ciucu says:

    Pe mine ceea ce ma bucura si ce cred eu ca te face speciala este ca alegi mereu sa promovezi campanii sau proiecte sau locuri, ca si in acest caz, care chiar merita vorbit despre ele. Imi pace rochia mult si dormitorul, ca si tie :))

  19. Imi plac mult pozele. Ai ales niste cadre minunate iar locatia e AMAZING !!!


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