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smiling morodan

ice la strada

Ana having fun

beautiful morodan

Hellooo, you love La Strada tooI am wearing a Parlor dress, The Marie Antoinette heels from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection, a vintage pearl bracelet and ring

© Serban Cristea with Canon 70 D at Simona



Yes, I’m in this Christmas picture mood these days. Actually, in the light of my next project that you will see early in 2014, I’m in the mood for cooking and living hedonistically also. Actually, no, this is not what I want to tell you.

What I want to tell you is that a few years ago when I was watching girlie movies like The Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City and Cashmere Mafia and I was seeing ladies eating ice cream frantically and tons of it, I was saying to myself that this is nuts and it could not happen to me. Oh well, life is constantly proving that everything can happen to me, also. Last summer I was making acquaintance with La Strada ice cream and until this day the Mango flavored big box is still making comebacks in my fridge.

 .This season La Strada goes Haute Couture with a limited edition of 3 super fashionable and hand-made ice cakes. Personally, when I saw their decorations I fell in love in an instant. (#majorheartfromme).

 I plan to visit my parents for Christmas and I will cook them a different Christmas dinner all by myself. The only worries I have are about  the dessert part because I’m a mess at baking cakes but I’ll use La Strada Haute Couture in Milan with biscuit ice cream, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon and decorated super awesomely like in the close up photo above. Brilliant escape no? Bye, bye, baking powder and eggs and staying all day in the kitchen.



The pictorial was made at Simona Decoration Store


Ana says



Morodan on La Strada



To keep in mind: You can find La Strada Haute Couture ice cakes in:


Hypermarketurile Carrefour Baneasasi Carrefour Orhideea
Carrefour Market CaramfilsiPipera,
Magazinele Mega Image din PiataVitan, Vitan, Jollie Ville, Corbeanca, Pod Baneasa, Gemenii, PiataSudului
Hypermarketurile Cora Lujerului, Sun Plaza, Pantelimon
Statiile OMV Pipera , Aerogarii, Coposu , PetromVIuliuManiu, Electroaparataj, Titan, Corbeanca 1, Timisoarei , Chitila


Hypermarketul Carrefour Brasov

Statia OMV nr. 4 Darste


Statia OMV Predeal

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  1. Draga Ana esti superba, esti delicioasa si aceste poze chiar redau starea aceasta minunata de sarbatori!
    Te pup

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Sweet Sweet Ana ❤
    I love ice cream , dar parca nu imi vine sa mananc iarna

  3. alina g says:

    WOOOOOW ce rochie superba!!! love it

  4. Pretty Woman says:

    hmmm my stupid brain wouldn’t have thought of wearing black and white shoes with that wonderful yellow parlor dress… oh well, now i know! muah!

  5. Julie says:

    Wow! Ador fotografiile, decorul este minunat, tortul arata mai mult decat delicios si rochita e divina!! <3

  6. Stylish Lusia says:

    u are so lucky , I wish I had your boobs 🙂 true story. <3

  7. Simona Casin says:

    ..uau, ce locatie scenografica.. unde e ? totally love the shoes 🙂

  8. florina says:

    salutare draga mea, sper ca pot sa-ti spun asa 🙂 voiam doar sa-ti urez sarbatori fericite, si sa-ti spun ca te admir, momentele din zi cand iti citesc blogul sunt o pauza minunata de la haosul zilnic 🙂 felicitari pentru ce faci

  9. Daria says:

    hey you inspired me to decorate my christmas tree earlier! uhuuu love the hollidays :)))

  10. carmena philips says:

    i love the combination of silver and yellow 🙂 i am trying the cake as i write oh yeah 😀 loving it baby

  11. 8 chic girls says:

    <3 iubim blogul tau si rochiile tale atat de superbe 🙂 love la strada <3

  12. sarah says:

    Is La strada available only in Romania? :)))))))))) following you from Rome here

  13. Paunita Danea says:

    ce frumos gest, si eu ma gandeam sa fac asta pentru parintii mei, macar de Craciun sa give back. esti o dulce

  14. Tamarra Honestly Chic says:

    brrrr i am so frightened at the thought that i will have that responsability, oh dear! but i have to i said i would try to cook (getting myself some helpful friends, just in case i crack, do not worry ! ) but it’s cool to find out that you will cook too makes me kinda cozy with my decision :)))

  15. irinuca says:

    arati ca dintr-un basm! esti splendida Ana! ah, si mersi mult de pont eu nu am rabdare sa gatesc prajituri never had

  16. Fashion Gal says:

    if it weren’t for you i think i would forget christmas is coming, with all this work 😉

  17. xeniaaa says:

    hey parca au ghicit ca eu mananc inghetata iarna! cooool

  18. Denise says:

    girl you made me miss those cheesy times i think i’m gonna watch some sex and the city and eat some ice cream tonight! 😀 😀 😀 oh yes i am so doing it

  19. PRECIOUS says:

    they are looking great indeed, nice dessert proposition dear

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