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dalsyI am wearing Dalsy dresses

Photos by Silvia Postolatiev @ Local Colonial



It’s that day – THE DAY. The day where half of the world celebrates love and the other half thinks this is a capitalist holiday.

I’m with my feet in both worlds sort to speak because I agree with several arguments from both sides. That’s why starting with this year, Valentine’s day will be the celebration of a different kind of love for me!

It will be a celebration of the love I feel for books, for nature, for my friends, for my home, for a good movie, for a beautiful piece of jewelry, the love I feel for a beautiful restaurant or place. All off these intense sentiments are love too, a different kind of love, that makes us feel better, stronger and happier.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also need to add to my “Valentine’sa different kind of love” list, the love I feel for dresses. Long dresses especially! They are mysterious, decadent, sensual and feminine. They tell stories. And I will love them forever even though I’m a petite human being and a soap dodger on the side, and I trip when walking in them most of the times.

Inspired by this new way of celebrating, I welcomed the new Dalsy showroom and e-shop (which will rebrand soon). Tons of evening dresses, fascinating colors and refined embroidery. Everything a little countess needs in order to look ravishing. Situated on the General Ernest Brosteanu Street, at number 23, the Dalsy showroom looks like a Queen’s wardrobe. The magical trick is that you can make yours any dress you find there.

My first loves are the Lucy dress and the Lion dress. Red and purple, passionate colors.

I plan to wear these dresses at a special party I’m going to host at Local Colonial which is my new favorite place in town. It’s easy to see why, don’t you agree?


So, what do you think? Might this new kind of Valentines celebration work or not?

Stay tuned for more Dalsy dresses adventures. Until then stay updated with their new entries on Facebook and Instagram






Morodan, the Long Dresses lover

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  1. Dianaaa says:

    Doamne locul asta arata intr-adevar superb, the 50s at power!
    Rochiile sunt splendide si arati perfect in ele!

  2. xenia cutun says:

    rochia rosie este preferata mea, poate pentru ca iti sta atat, dar atat de bine in ea 🙂

  3. Chic&Chic says:

    oh wow! power images, and the power of ellegance!

  4. Baby Jean says:


  5. Fashion Now says:

    looking striking, that’s all one can say Ana at the sight of you! and your theory is full of love, so it’s great <3 <3 much love

  6. Hera says:

    great thoughts from a great woman, that i admire so much 🙂 (yes, i mean you :))

  7. Iulia Vantu Nita says:

    Dalsy and Local Colonial. Got it! nu de alta, dar m-ai lasat cu gura cascata

  8. Fete Fine says:

    cat rafinament!

  9. popescu A. says:

    sunt foarte de acord Ana cu ce spui, asta de fapt insemna sa iubim viata in sine, si mi se pare normal sa sarbatorim asta, good decision! ambele rochii sunt breath taking!

  10. lucy says:

    how chic, how wonderful to see these images…very nice, loved your valentine’s gift <3

  11. Viviana Fashionista says:

    pentru o fashionista ca mine what you said about the long dresses makes perfect sense. sentimentul pe care il ai cand porti una este divin, iubire pura! love my stylish countess on valentine’s day !

  12. bea says:

    iti sta MI-NU-NAT in rosu! desi nu cred ca e o noutate pentru tine 😉 love the dresses

  13. fiona hey says:

    to be honest, I… I… I just lost my words 🙂 you look like a true diva, i am forever inlove with your ellegance…

  14. Passion for Fashion says:

    indeed, they have trully beautiful dresses, good to know

  15. Skinny Mary says:

    man i wish i had where to wear such beautiful dresses all day every day

  16. alina enescu crin says:

    mereu aflu lucruri interesante de la tine, rochiile sunt cu adevarat regale, iar local colonial e foarte tentant, asa ca mi-am facut rezervare cu fetele 🙂 pagina lor de facebook m-a cucerit!

  17. Janice Is Chic says:

    very lady like love it!

  18. queen says:

    my nickname is queen #duuuh
    so i think dalsy is finally the right place for me to dress! love their stupendous pieces!

  19. Nico Varvara says:

    the place look great and so do you! love!

  20. mariana says:

    foarte frumos gandesti 🙂

  21. From Style Country says:

    sometimes i wish i lived in Romania, because i follow your blog, and i tell you, it looks tempting

  22. Yasmina says:

    beautiful, just stunning!

  23. Ophelia's Day says:

    everything is so tastefull <3 mmmmmm <3

  24. Miha says:

    Ma ia cu lesin 🙂 The red dress is spectacular <3

  25. Soos Cristina says:

    You are a different kind of love … you are different and I love everything about you <3
    And you look … How i say these : SUPER AMAZING … in both dresses 😉
    Kisses :*:*

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