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Not long ago, more accurate, since I started  freelancing and running through the city, like a mad leprechaun, I began to understand the importance of comfortable outfits.

High heels were left only for important meetings and pencil skirts became a Sunday item, thank God I learned to do my own make-up or else I would be damned to leggings, a shirt and looking like a little animated cartoon.

Although leggings and a shirt are my daily uniform I still feel the urge of dressing like I love to dress – lady like – but without killing my feet or corseting my body in good looking but  uncomfortable outfits.

The “what-to-do, what-to-do?!” question dissolved  itself after an afternoon I spend with Andreea Raicu and PNK

Andreea  has launched a clothing line – Simplicity – in collaboration with PNK Casual – a brand that made us all want to wear their designs.

With her clean and very feminine style, Andreea brings to this line the characteristics that made her a fashion icon – simplicity and comfort, combined with a delicate and refined  approach to an item’s shape.

I, a militant for not overdressing but keeping it simple and chic had to give it a try and spent a whole day wearing items from her collection.


Take a look, I’ll wait for you below, with some impartial conclusions.



See mum? I told you that I look at other magazines than fashion ones,  these other ones have much more beautiful pictures (#wink #smile, # autoirony)


You know that in the afternoon, just like magic, I turn into a dark character so the basic t shirt and that countess-like skirt were my first go to choices. Accessorizing them with a necklace from my line for Statement Jewelry and a Tom Binns bracelet made my outfit unforgettable (so they said, – the people who complimented it. I am not bragging myself ,people!)




Bottom line


I will take in my wardrobe some of the items from Andreea’s collection because

  • they are extremely comfortable and chic at the same time
  • they are basic items so my way of accessorizing them is endless
  • the prices are extremely friendly
  • I felt a positive energy wearing them – yes, I’m an energy-is-important believer 


So there you have it, one of my solutions for looking stylish the whole day without killing your body, feeling uncomfortable or murdering your wallet –

well tailored BASIC items – and Simplicity by Andreea Raicu and PNK is one solution that we all can afford!


All clothing items are from Simplicity by Andreea Raicu and PNK collection

Photos by Serban Cristea at Grand Hotel Continental



Don’t forget about the Lush giveaway my darlings

Ana (I told you people named Ana are amazing – ok, now, it’s me bragging) Thank you!

Don’t forget .


.Ana, a Simplicity lover


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  1. Lavinia says:

    love it! :* simplicity is best!

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    Superbe ambele combinatii …
    In prima combinatie imi place fusta …ii bestiala si ador culoarea la bluzita care iti lumineaza fata 🙂
    Si in a 2a Uau … Daca nu ai fi zis k e tricou credeam ca e rochita :)))
    Kiss & hug :*

  3. Carmen Stancu says:

    You know why I love following your site? Because you are different!

    You speak different, tell stories different, dress different, you are one of those UNIQUE characters!

    I love Andreea Raicu too, her line is super cute!

  4. Magda says:

    Wooowww, Ana!!!

    These pictures are so chic and so royalty! I love your picks from Andreea’s collection!

    You look perfect!<3

  5. Fashion diary says:

    I adore those outfits!

    Perfection at it’s best! <3

  6. Adina says:

    I wanna buy both skirts!

    You look amazing in them, Ana!


  7. Ludmila loves fashion says:

    Annnnaaa, the styling is perfection!

    Right in this instant I’m scrolling the collection! There are lost of cool items there but your picks made me wanna die of chic-ness :)))

  8. Hellen says:

    Ana,darling arati fabulos in outfit-urile astea!!! Iar prima tinuta este love of my life asa de chic si ladylike <3

  9. Zadin says:

    Cred că eşti cea mai bună alegere pentru a face lobby colecţiei Andreea Raicu & PNK, cu toate acestea văzându-te purtând aceste piese aş schimba numele colecţiei din Simplicity în Sophisticated. Ce să fac dacă asta îmi transmiţi?

  10. La Roqua says:

    imi place colectia si imi place Andreea Raicu. 🙂 este una dintre persoanele inca ingenue si verticale din media. recunosc ca personal mi-as dorit ceva usor diferit, poate nu in linia promovata de US media in ultimul timp – Kardashian like, insa asta nu scade in vreun fel interesul si nu stirbeste produsul. 🙂

  11. Georgiana says:

    Ce frumoase sunt tinutele! Mi le-as dori pe toate!

  12. D. says:

    Ana, tu esti foarte draguta mereu. Produsele in schimb.. le poti gasi in orice magazin de duzina la maxim 50 ron..umerii bufanti,rochiile comune,materialele dubioase,toate completate de preturi care n-au nicio legatura cu nivelul de calitate. Cred ca nici Andreea nu s-ar imbraca in colectia asta..

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