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colose up on Morodan


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Morodan is cool

Ana is awesome



Morodan having fun with porsche design

Morodan si awesome

Morodan is loving her outfitI am wearing  Porsche Design jacket, dress and bag, The Eva boots from Ana Morodan @ Smiling Shoes capsule collection and YSL bracelet

© Serban Cristea with Canon 70 D




Some things are meant to last – like the pearl necklace you have since ages or a beautiful and high quality car – it will not become outfashioned, it will simply be eternal.

Here’s the thing with me. I love long walks (when I am wearing flat shoes) and sometimes these long walks are set in motion by two sides of me – the midget who dresses in pajamas and wanders the city all day dressed like that or the presentable lady that we all can be.

Sure, the pajamas aspect is much more comfortable and desirable but somehow, deep inside it makes me feel sloppy. However, the lady aspect is one that might not be as comfortable but is definitely much more desirable and makes me feel like an empowered queen.

When you happen to find a brand that has the prestige, the eternal aspect (mentioned as important in the beginning of today’s monologue) and the empowering vibe you go get it and say “hello” with that flirty look.

Porsche Design needs no introduction, however I was amazed by how cool, edgy and fashionable their clothing lines are. From the flawlessly executed handbag to the “oh, so cool right now” sport shoes that are so useful and so “hip” when worn with chic outfits.

The quality is one of a high end brand and I for one am excited to see a brand that delivers sophisticated and “must have” designs executed with such a high standard quality.


Dear Porsche Design,

Thank you for making be feel like an urban queen!



Stay tuned for my next adventure with Porsche Design


Ana says




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  1. Paula says:

    Toata tinuta ta imi aminteste de Edna Mode din The Incredibles! Uite aici niste linkuri:


    • Ana Morodan says:

      Daaaaaaaaaaaa :))) Exacttttt!!! Ma duc sa-i arat lui Serban! 😀 How could I not see the similarities?!? Ce comica e :)) <3

      Te pup Paula 🙂

  2. Soos Cristina says:

    O ADOR ❤ O ADOR ❤ O ADOR ❤

    LOVE U

  3. Chinoise Chic says:

    very powerful look, very nice!

  4. amelie says:

    this is a WOW mouth open jaw dropped kinda outfit, it’s a perfect winter option for me at least :)))))

  5. Rochita Silviei says:

    esti minunata iti sta de vis in negru si ador ochelarii si geanta

  6. mara tomescu says:

    din punctul meu de vedere e o combinatie perfecta intre comfortabil, sport si sylish iar look-ul all black cu aceasta minune de geanta este foarte cool <3 zic si eu 🙂

  7. Cool Girls says:

    yap thanks for reminding me that winter doesn’t have to make me look like i’m wearing pijamas my saviour! how cool is that, love the porche items!

  8. Ilinca says:

    m-ai dat pe spate din nou :))) arati splendid

  9. lili rusaneanu says:

    chiar ca arati ca o regina urbana ana, iar geaca asta e perfecta

  10. Style Today says:

    love your style sooooooooo much!!!!

  11. anca q says:

    and the glasses???? where can i find them i am so in love! i want! 😀

  12. Yasmina says:

    faci ce faci si gasesti mereu ceva senzational, pe bune ca nu pot rezista sa nu intru pe blogul tau, 🙂 m-ai prins

  13. Fashion Now says:

    1. the boots (OMFG!!!!)
    2. porche design items to die for!!!! especially the dress with that jacket
    3. hello new ana bangs you look stunning 😉
    4. thank you for being normal, and admitting that it takes effort to look so good (i mean not like you are wearing pijamas), us women need that and i love you knowing it and mentioning it!

  14. vera says:

    i dunno about u gals dar cand trebuie sa alerg ca nebuna prin oras si sa arat si intr-un fel, adidasii astia, si ce sa mai, look-ul asta, sunt exact ce am nevoie!

  15. Irena says:

    What about the sunglasses? They look like Prada Baroque (I’m the proud owner of a pair – sorry I had to brag 😉 ) but I don’t believe they are. I’m crazy about these Jacqueline Kennedy style.

    • Ana Morodan says:

      Irena, I forgot to credit them. I got them as a gift from my friend Ioana and I believe they are from Asos…I’ll ask her and come back with an answer 🙂

  16. Anca says:

    Daca zic numai wow o sa par total lipsita de imaginatie, dar zau ca nu pot spune mai mult, imi place tot!


  17. monica says:

    wow, super tinuta.un outfit “purtabil” cum le spun e. rochia e superbaaaa


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