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23 August 2014 / By / 9 Comments

  anamorodan comI am wearing an Eva Culture blouse

Photo by Mihai Dina




Although today I look like a cold/ironical idiot, aspect that I truly fancy when it comes to my daily appearance, I want to show you something from another register.


I discovered this song on the internet a few days ago, got pretty obsessed with it so I listened to it repeatedly. The documentary below was a Youtube suggestion so out of impulse, I pressed play.

Watching it turned out to be an awesome lesson about believing in your own powers – when Shy says she can be anything she dreams to be – never giving up –  her parents are real heroes, I just can`t imagine what they had been through and they still fight for her and never give up – and about being grateful because you are given this great gift of being alive.


This is a story that made me cry but it`s also a story that once again showed me that sometimes we take for granted what we have and focus on what we don`t have instead of just being grateful! This is the magic of life – believing that you can and being kind and I hope Shy`s story inspires you as much as had inspired me.










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  1. luciana says:

    It’s true! You can be anything your dream to be! A countess for example 🙂

  2. Georgiana says:

    You look like a Mad Men character today 🙂

  3. Maya says:

    Ai dreptate, Ana, darul vietii e cel mai important! Putini sunt cei care apreciaza cu adevarat faptul ca fiecare noua zi e un cadou de nepretuit!

  4. michaela says:

    camasa e frumoasa si decorul foarte aristo 🙂

  5. Marie Simone says:

    We should be thankful more often, even for the smallest and apparently not important things!

  6. Madame Bovary says:

    Bulinele sunt si preferatele mele, dar uitandu-ma la tine imi dau seama ca sunt atatea piese care arata superb in acest imprimeu ca abia pot tine pasul 🙂

  7. Veronica says:

    Acum am vazut filmul, e cu adevarat emotionant!

  8. fashion lover says:

    never giving up, that’s a hard think to do. it takes a strong character to be able to do that

  9. Marinela says:

    Arati superb de fiecare data!

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