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Social Places of Bucharest – Fumetto

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I am wearing a Morodan Shop dress, a vintage reticule, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers and a Cartier bracelet Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu at Fumetto   It`s the new IT Place in town everybody talks about. It`s the place where you want to book a table more than you may want the new Chanel bag. It`s the place […]

27 April 2015 / By / 23 Comments

Social Places of Bucharest – Frudisiac

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  I am wearing a PNK Casual skirt and an H&M S/S Studio blazer and hat Photos by Alexandru Rosieanu     Predictable, I know, since I spend all my spare time here ever since this place opened. Yes, Frudisiac is my favorite place lately. Like really, not that there is another place which I like. Nope, […]

30 March 2015 / By / 24 Comments

Social Places Of Bucharest – M60

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  Brace yourselves people, this is a historical day. Today you`re witnessing  what would remain in our history  as Morodan`s Greatest Outfit Faux Pas.  Watch carefully and file under: Never Apply.   Luckily, this post is about my list of Social Places of Bucharest and another cool spot on my list is M60     I […]

16 February 2015 / By / 17 Comments

Social Places Of Bucharest – Episode 1 – ANA Baking

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I am wearing Tamara Mellon heels, a PNK Casual skirt, a Laura Galic spencer and earrings Photos by Silvia Postolatiev     Ohhh, the adventures you`ll find here this year…you must be prepared. It will be a crazy ride. But first, the tools to do that:   The Places which Make Me Feel Comfortable, Feed Me […]

14 January 2015 / By / 24 Comments

The Clever Minions of In Style Travelling

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  Cluj are you ready? `Cause I`m on my way to you for a very dear project.  Let`s cut straight to the chase because this is important. The kind of exhilarating and lifestyle changing important. I don`t know about you but when it comes to travelling and packing, no matter how many How To articles […]

14 May 2015 / By / 21 Comments