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31 August 2012 / By / 5 Comments
Diesel swimming suit, 109 top, vintage necklace, Celine sunglasses

© Serban Cristea

I need an assistant! Now! I’m not joking but since it’s Friday I’m not gonna fill your head with this today. Next week however, be prepared.
Dear readers,
My Snobbish Advice this week is….take Xanax. 
Ok, that’s a joke. It’s jookkee, stop running to the drugstore. 
No, no, my advice it’s not about Xanax but about another little, guilty pleasure – cocktails. Better yet, cocktails drank in the middle of the day
Please read carefully 
I didn’t said get drunk in the middle of the day, but when you feel stressed and need a little break, yes, you should run to the sea or at the pool, take a swim and enjoy a cocktail.
I know that my last Snobbish Advices are about  letting it loose and enjoy relaxing moments. Coming back to what I said at the beginning of the post…I NEED AN ASSISTANT.
 My Snobbish Advice this week, certified and verified, is have a small cocktail (or many) in the middle of the day. It will help you smile and let go. And if you get drunk, well, that’s the other part of the story. Alka-Seltzer, anti hungover medicine.

Don’t forget about the I AM CIUDAT collar you can win.
Au revoir, kittens. 



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    I love your necklace!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i wanna be your assistant!

  3. hgh review says:

    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

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