6 Questions To Ask Before Buying a Christmas Party Dress

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16 December 2014 / By / 24 Comments

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While we`re getting close to this holiday I am not really fond of (Grinch till death) the thought that I have to go to some Christmas dinner parties gets on my nerves mind stronger and stronger. Searching outfits for everyday shootings/filming/live appearances sometimes proves to be quite exhausting. Heard that Fashion? You`re a little bit tiring this time of the year.


Ana Morodan.com

Ana Morodan com

Ana Morodan.com

Ana Morodan.com

Ana Morodan.comI am wearing a Manoush dress, Smiling Shoes heels, a Zara grey brooch and a vintage brooch from  Italian Vintage

Photos by Mihai Dina at Simona`s



However, I tried but I cannot skip 4 Christmas parties. And yes, I already have 2 dresses stored. One red and a flower print one (nope, winter won`t stop flower print from mesmerizing me). So I am down to two and one must be black. You know, my psychologist and my bio energo therapist say that black blocks all energies but I still feel most comfortable while wearing it so yes, I am going to also have to purchase a black dress and fine, let energies be blocked for one night. Which brings me to the matter at hand:


What questions should I ask myself before buying another random Christmas dress that I don`t want to end up in the back of my wardrobe?


1. The most important one would have to be: Can I wear it with other occasions or it`s a one time love affair? – If it`s a one time love affair don`t buy it, you probably have a dozen one time affair dresses in your wardrobe already

2. Does it really flatter my body type or it`s just the `I want it no matter what` impulse?

3. Are trends dictating my taste? Having an awesome personal style should be before`trendy`in the list of priorities

4. Am I a feminine/lady like type or I`ll go for an edgy look? I think once in a while we should hit it off with a feminine look instead of the street style edgy-ness. It`s Christmas. Look like a timeless movie star.

5. Will I make a difference? A friend once told me that if everybody is wearing heels I should wear converse. Strive to be unforgettable. It will give you confidence and make you stand out. Don`t be like Morodan at the fashionable events and pick something for the car 5 minutes before and say `Whatever`. It`s Christmas `#yey`.

6. Will I`ll be a cute Grinch while wearing it? I sure hope so because I“m running out of Xanax and this dress will be my only salvation.


I think I`ll go for the Manoush dress I am wearing today for a few strong reasons:

  • everybody will most surely wear long dresses and I want to stand out
  • it points out my strong assets – my legs
  • I can wear it for different occasions long after this Christmas party has passed
  • it`s an evergreen so it will be fashionable many seasons to come
  • it makes me look like a cute Grinch – people, please confirm



 Au revoir you Christmas loving persons and see you later with a cool contest.












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  1. Stefania Ramona says:

    I confirm! love the dress!

  2. Maria D. says:

    superb decorul, trebuie sa vizitez si eu acest magazin

  3. fashionlover says:

    love the dress

  4. Mara says:

    daaaa, nu exista sezon pentru o rochie cu flori, sunt total de acord

  5. TheStylist says:

    the brooches are amazing 🙂

  6. mioara radu says:

    ador petrecerile de Craciun! e un motiv in plus sa-mi iau multe multe rochii 🙂

  7. alexa says:

    am vorbit cu Mosul pentru rochia asta, iti marturisesc!

  8. gina pop says:

    dar cum sa facem sa scapam de shoppingul de impuls? am vazut in weekend cel putin 15 rochii pe care mi le doresc….

  9. Hortensia says:

    asta e cea mai super little black dress pe care am vazut-o in ultimul timp

  10. Mice Work says:

    Lovely! 10 times lovely! Cute Grinch it is! 😉

  11. Ce bine ar fi sa-mi pun toate aceste intrebari, mi-ar usura foarte tare existenta 🙂

    Va invit pe blogul si pagina mea de facebook:

  12. Cristina says:

    Dap … Este “the perfect LBD ”
    merge oricand si la orice eveniment ❤

  13. Dolly says:

    lovely doll(s) 🙂

  14. Carmen says:

    nu m-am gandit ca as putea purta o rochie scurta la o astfel de petrecere. Good idea!

  15. matilda says:

    superbe sandalele, absolut superbe

  16. Danna says:

    I love the dresses you can wear year after year

  17. sorina fota says:

    minunat decorul, iar brosele cred ca te scot din anonimat oricand

  18. Kira says:

    Impulse shopping, especially now…..big enemy 🙁

  19. andreea ion says:

    am o rochie asemanatoare dar nu m am gandit sa o pun in valoare asa. Mersi 😉

  20. Ilinca says:

    croiala asta te avantajeaza foarte tare 🙂

  21. florina ilie says:

    Mi-am luat palton cu flori, ca sa fim clare :))))))

  22. selena says:

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Manoush

  23. Sanziana says:

    Vai de cand imi doresc o rochie rosie ❤️

  24. Rox says:

    This dress is amazing! If I were you I’d definitely wear it!

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