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anamorodan com 6I am wearing Lo Spaccio dress and blazer, Smiling Shoes heels, Louis Vuitton sunglasses and a Stella McCartney ring

Photos by Silvia zisa si Aschiuta Postolatiev




As you already know I adore dressing in an accessible manner and mass-market or premium brands are my  Go To stores when I am planning to refresh my wardrobe.

When we say premium market we automatically think of Massimo Dutti or Cos, the international mammuts but lately I am surprised and delighted to discover a  few of the Romanian premium brands. You know, around here, people who make clothes are split into two categories – designers and people who call themselves designers. Oh well, I was terribly wrong because we have authentic Romanian premium brands which not only can proudly stand besides brands like Massimo Dutti but which produce items that prove to be evergreen pieces in my wardrobe. One of those brands is Lo Spaccio.

Founded in 1994, they produce limited series (no more than 50 items from the same design) of carefully manufactured pieces. Their design and manufacturing is entirely made in Romania and they use Italian fabrics.

Lo Spaccio designs are classic and evergreen but always with a special twist. And this brings me at the matter at hand. See the dress I am wearing today? Well, it`s striped – with a twist as I was saying, look at how the stripes are placed – and stripes my friends, stripes are one of my greatest loves when it comes to style.





  • they make me feel like a timeless elegant bee – they have this dose of chicness and a special French vibe which makes me think at Portofino
  • a well fitted striped blouse is an eternal item that I can accessorize with statement necklaces and wear all year long – I have over 27 striped blouses – they are a real catch and outfit saviors
  • when I wear a striped something I remember Chanel a bit and feel as rebel, feminist and empowered as this little warrior was

Oh, and I found one reason more

  • because wearing a striped dress, while wearing my red lipstick and and a large hat, smoking my cigarette makes me feel like Myself



And speaking about Romanian fashion, here`s an article about fashion during the mid-war period in Romania. I loved reading it.


Tha tha my darlings. See you tomorrow around 12 o`clock to have our tea together.







Anetta Stripetta

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  1. Soos Cristina says:

    Gamazoana mica

  2. High Heels says:

    the dress is really a special one, I myself am a stripe-forever-and-ever fan! Stripes and red lipstick are one of the greatest matches in fashion

  3. mara says:

    habar n-am avut ca lo spaccio este un brand romanesc! ar trebui sa ne mandrim cu ei, mai ales ca au piese evergreen

  4. AnaMaria says:

    sandalele sunt superbe! colectia Ana Morodan cumva? 🙂

  5. coco chanel says:

    Coco Chanel was a true style icon!

  6. Elena says:

    dungile sunt si preferatele mele iar aceasta rochie e foarte interesanta. cred ca modul in care sunt puse dungile avantajeaza cam orice conformatie

  7. ruxandra ion says:

    nu stiam ca Lo Spaccio sunt brand romanesc! am intrat pe site-ul lor si au niste piese foarte speciale, atat la femei cat si la barbati.

  8. evergreen says:

    stripes and the perfect red roses! very French!

  9. Denise says:

    Portofino and the French Riviera are two of my favorite places in the world! and the fashionable ladies there are just unique!

  10. forever romantic says:

    two doves, how romantic! i feel that you are a hopeless romantic, Ana, isn’t it true?

  11. Irina C. says:

    I feel like myself with stripes also! stripes and a red poppy brooch!

  12. Madi says:

    si eu am inceput sa descopar brandurile romanesti si sunt foarte multumita de ele. mai ales ca ai un sentiment aparte cand stii ca porti ceva facut in tara ta.

  13. Margareta Ivan says:

    brandurile romanesti ar trebui, in limita posibilitatilor, sa se promoveze unul pe celalalt! bravo, Ana, pentru acest articol! rochia e intr-adevar foarte frumoasa.

  14. SABRINA says:

    french look in a romanian dress 🙂

  15. ioana says:

    mama o rochie de la ei de vreo 7 ani si e impecabila!

  16. Diana Pana says:

    foarte frumos subliniaza talia aceasta rochie, am s-o incerc si eu

  17. jeanne says:

    How I love a french outfit and attitude! I think French women are very sexy!

  18. Anna says:

    Lo Spaccio is Romanian?! I will look into that! Thanks for the tip 😉

  19. Andra says:

    intreaga tinuta mi se pare evergreen. sandalele nude care alungesc piciorul iar rochia e minunata!

  20. hortensia says:

    oare cand vor intelege multe dintre fetele de varsta ta ca o tinuta aparent simpla e mult mai sofisticata decat una chinuita, presarata cu fard din belsug si cu multa piele la vedere?

  21. aura says:

    the article is really interesting! i wish i lived in a time when people were always elegant

  22. crina says:

    black and white bee! one of my favorite outfits!

  23. Renata Bucsa says:

    mi se pare un pas inainte ca brandurile romanesti produc haine care pot concura cu cele ale marilor branduri. bravo lor!

  24. Jana Oprescu says:

    Lo Spaccio e unul din brandurile mele preferate. Hainele sunt croite si cusute foarte bine iar materialele sunt dintre cele mai bune.

  25. liana says:

    who has tea at 12, darling? let’s have champagne! 🙂

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