February 2018

Here’s Why Attitude is more important than IQ

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Told you I’d be back to tell you about my pottery activity. I know you waited, loading, refreshing…I know. Admit it! No? Like NO? Like YOU DONT CARE?!?! C’monnnnnn! I know you do! Anyways, here’s what  we have on the menu today.  So, after implementing meditation in my daily routine, the second thing I did was including […]

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Confession Nr. 5

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 Have I ever told you that each year, both in January and around my birthday, I visit tarot readers, aura reading and reiki specialists, even bio therapists? I can’t remember. I may have. I’ll ask my fortune tellers.     So, this is what I’m freakin’ doing each year. I say freakin’ because some of […]

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Is Mediation As Efficient as it is Preached?

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Park on your own Responsibility and 3, there, THERE exclamation points!!! (did I ever told you I completely detest exclamation points used frantically? )    Saw this sign right across the place were I do pottery sessions. You know, for relaxation. For calming my mind, for putting my anxiety to rest, for not overdosing on […]

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