February 2017

One Sensual Detail x 1000 Body Shapes

Living Art

Here’s the deal. Now I’m 59 kg. That’s the heaviest weight I have ever been in my life. I don’t feel bad, I don’t feel guilty, I didn’t eat because of some emotional shock (well, maybe except when, as a Millennial, I came to realize how the political class around here is making a fool […]

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One Street Style Trend You Will Love in 2017

Living Art

I bet we all remember those 90’s commercials with the supermodels? The sass, the sex-appeal, the vibe, the freedom, the ultimate coolness. The unbeatable fascination.    Well, they all had a thing in common. One detail which is coming back to life almost aggressively nowadays. Pinterest is full of it, Instagram is beaming with outfit […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insides

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Stiti cu ce m-au ajutat 6 ani de pozat iernile in frig? M-au calit teribil! Asa ca diseara #Rezist  #GoodInfluence   This week’s III list   Welcome to the Future   Model Hanne Gaby Odiele on What It Means to Be Intersex—And Why She’s Going Public   The New Yorker Series on Amazon Prime   […]

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One Valentine Giveaway You Should Really Know About

Beauty Culture

I found these pictures while scrolling down the blog and I have to confess I almost forgot about about them – Yeah, the era when I was thin and young was quite long ago – but more importantly, I have just remembered that I promised to talk to you about a cool giveaway you should […]

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Anti CyberBullying by Discovery Romania

Living ArtMorodan TV

Great Initiative Discovery Romania! Great Initiative! For all of you who got affected by this crap, here’s my point of view.     #NuSuntIntimidat  

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