July 2016

3 Focus Points That Work For Me Right Now


Look, I’m tired of complaining that I’m tired I said to myself one night at 4 am, while answering emails, still at the office. I mean, ok, I work a lot. But so does everyone. My business requires mermaid outfits, sequins and champagne. I actually enjoy what i do a lot. I still get giggles […]

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Speaking at The First Edition of Glamour Beauty Days

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Glamour Beauty Days happened a few days ago and as I told you and I was one of the personalities invited to speak at the first Romanian edition of this worldwide renowned event.    As a visitor and as a speaker I’m telling you that the hard work the Glamour Magazine team put into this huge event […]

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What Happens in The Girls School stays in The Girls School

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They say life is a journey. Well, I want mine to be a chic one.    And I’m telling you this right from the start, I choose to go through it with my new Brics summer leather luggage from Valigeria. Which, as you can easily see, are the most chic sets of luggage ever, so […]

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The Millennial Aristo Party

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Marie Ollie feather robe – Tria Alfa crown    A fost superb, este de vis si o sa fie MITIC! Si nu a fost, nu este si nu va fi NIMIC fara VOI, oamenii pe care i-am descoperit in aceasta calatorie incredibila, prietenii pe care mi i-am facut si inspiratia pe care mi-o dati cu […]

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