July 2016

Should I Change my Facebook Relationship Status?

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I guess by now you all know that I’m a McDonald’s fan. Here are some daily notes from my virtual journal on the matter.   However, it was only a few days ago when McDonald’s declared its love for me too, so finally we are in a Mutual and loving relationship.  To celebrate our bond […]

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Life Update Nr. 736489 – Under My UMBRELLA

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Pas du Tout dress – Smiling Shoes ballerinas   Oh nothing much today, just wanted to brag about THIS AWESOME UMBRELLA, for which I begged my friend Beatrice for a whole year. Well, today was THE DAY.    Nope, I don’t care that it looks like a cabbage, Claudiu! I  it for eternity!!!   Au revoirrrrr, […]

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Best Fashion Blogger by VIP Magazine

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Last week VIP Magazine awarded me with their Best Fashion Blogger Award.    Thank you VIP Magazine for this honor! As I said on stage, I share this award with all my colleagues, lifestyle and fashion bloggers, we all succeeded in developing a new line of business and I’m extremely proud of us all. None […]

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Postcards from Nirvana / Episode 1

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The final wisdom of life requires not the annulment of incongruity but the achievement of serenity within and above it. Reinhold Niebuhr   PNK Casual body – Doina Levintza pearl collar    I couldn’t predict what I signed up for when I packed for Turkey again, a few weeks ago. I kept hearing over the […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insides

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photo by Emil Costrut    I don’t think the Internet is for everyone. Or that it should be used by people to spread negative vibes. I’m not feeling the democracy regarding this aspect, people, I’m sorry. Therefore, I’m starting this weekly column in which I’ll share with you what I consider inspiring, motivational or just plain fun and […]

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