March 2016

It All Connects. Va Zic.

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  It all connects. Yep. Spirituality. Trend. Vibe. Hip thing. I don`t care. Fact is that it all connects.     It all started one month ago when I posted this about Nora Juga`s birthday. I remembered then that I hadn`t read her last writings and typed her name in Google. So I discovered her […]

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Today is The DAY – #MorodanAPP is Live

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Cristina Savulescu dress – Laura 8 earrings Photo by Emil Costrut at the Noblesse Palace     So this it it. Today. On another 2nd of March, 6 years ago, my first post in the internet world happened (I know…one can only hope to have some brain grew in the meantime).   Who knew that in that day, on a small Arad alley […]

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The Business Of Being Ana Morodan

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  *windy day + long bangs = hand constantly in my hair in all the pics      I recall telling you this at my last Naked Pr Class: always pay a great deal of your attention to networking. Not Pr. Not artificial/fake networking. But real, honest, socializing. One aspect which helped me a lot […]

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