February 2016

I`m Cooking Dinner And You`re All Invited

Living Art

Cristina Savulescu dress – Josephine brooch – Tous ring Photos by Emil Costrut at La Maison   Actually, WE`RE cooking something. Because it`s a team effort.   What?   The Future. We`re cooking the Future.    Cryptic? Not quite. I`ve given you some insights in the summer. Because we`ve been cooking it since 2014. Don`t ask me why […]

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Tell Me Your Valentine Wish and WIN Your Own Malvensky Jewel

Living Art

    So Valentine`s is coming…no, I`m not against it. And that`ohhh it`s consumerism, ohhhh, it`s American capitalism crap does not speak to me. Nope. I just don`t care about it. It`s just another day to celebrate love. And if this day went viral around the world well, that`s just fine with me.   Don`t you […]

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That Little Retro Vibe School Girl Said That?

Living Art

Ingrid Teodosiu pants and blouse – Laura 8 gloves – Stella McCartney ring – Ingrid Vlasov earrings – Miu Miu heels  Photos by Emil Costrut      How can you not let other people`s opinion bring you down?   A question I got asked a lot lately.    Sure, I can write and essay on this matter. Sure […]

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At Your Service – A Webseries About a Mad Countess and Her Naughty Butler – S1.Ep7 – #Auskia Adventure

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Tudy planned to leave me and move his butler headquarters at Andreea Raicu…Hmmmm…in his dreams…the petite fool…     Take a glass of wine and check out some other ATS episodes           

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