October 2015

One Effective Method I`ve Implemented Recently

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    So that you know, I have been searching for a while. I did not say `yes` to the first beauty clinique which sent me an email. That happens every week. Even a few more times  per week, actually. And you know I`m not this Test Everything freak. I don`t spend my time doing beauty […]

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Fitzgerald von Morodan and its Adventures

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Lucia Rosca dress – Josephine brooch  – Photo by Catalin Georgescu     Sanziana a venit sa-l cunoasca pe Fitz.  Si nemernicul a fost peste poate de incantat.    Ce (ii place cel mai mult să facă)?   Sa stea cu oamenii. Ne dragaleste, sare la noi in brate mereu. De fapt la oricine. #raisedeyebrow Ne asteapta la birou […]

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How To Polish A Porcelain Doll

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Dolce & Gabbana dress from Aviatorilor 41 – Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels  Photos by Silvia Postolatiev in a La Maison decorated bathroom        Maybe it`s because my  powerful attraction to all things Ice Queen like, maybe it`s because Marlene Dietrich or Mona von Bismarck. Or maybe it`s just because they always look like an urs impaiat. Who […]

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Mademoiselle ANA – École de Beauté et Elégance – S 2 – Ep 3 – Finding The Foundation Which Fits Your Skin Color

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    We have to give it to them. The L`Oreal Paris team really makes everything easy for us. Check out their new app created to help us find the right foundation for our skin color.   And by the way, did you know that Accord Parfait is the best foundation in the world?        Thank you […]

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The Days The World Stood Still

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        It happened almost a week ago when Tudy called me:   – Morodan, you haven`t forgot have you?   – About what? What? What? Oh my God, I`m dying here. Did we have something to do? With you, too? God, tell me man, what is it? I can`t rememberrr.      – About […]

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