October 2015

Redesign YourSelf by Baneasa Shopping City – Episode 5

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      I would like to take a moment and sincerely thank the whole production team and my two, TWO,  Morodan team members present on the set for pointing out that I have a f***ing suvita de par care arata ca un turture on my forehead for half of the episode    On the […]

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Morodan Shop Showroom & Morodan Offices – Any Day Now

Living Art

        Denisa did a little sneak peak of our waiting room from the Morodan Shop showroom and offices today. We found the place after 7 months of apartment viewings and we worked on renovating and redecorating it for another 3 months more.    Now, looking at it and finally getting in the final […]

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THE Highlight Of The Day

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  Anca Silvia Buzilan *Am văzut acum ceva vreme un filmuleț cu Ana Morodan în care se pregătea să se pozeze cu o minunată rață (între timp am văzut că a pus și pozele). Mi-a plăcut și m-a și inspirat să fac o ilustrație. O combinație între Ana Morodan și Doamna cu hermină a lui […]

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Daily Update nr 17364

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Pnk Casual dress – Gabriela Dumitran hat – Calvin Klein sunglasses        I hope my aunts who called me a lazy bones while growing-up (you know which one of you I`m pointing too, not you aunt Eva), see this. Well dear tarty aunts, I`ve become a super multitasker #EatYourHeartOut     *Do you think […]

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What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About This Minor Detail Regarding Their Productivity

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    Dragii mei, astazi va crut de tot ce inseamna nebunia organizarii unui showroom daaaaaaar nu inainte de a va intreba daca ati trait vreodata momentul in care vi se strica aparatul de cafea, nu stiti ce sa-i faceti si v-ati dori sa existe un soi de doctor pentru aparatele de cafea care face […]

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