July 2015

Being One of The Speakers For Atelierele de Idei Unica

Living Art

    I`m currently having a few days off – I know, a workaholic doing this is almost unbelievable – and I`m in Como, Italy, visiting the most wonderful villas and sipping gin tonic prosecco. Here`s the live feed.    Now, what better reason than a trip to talk with you about the last edition of […]

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Internet’s Inspiring Insides

Living ArtLooks

    Let`s not mind the hair, the heat is killing me     Impromptu meeting with Eduard Uzunov, one of the owners of the Rotenberg-Uzunov Gallery   Lure dress and shirt – Smiling Shoes heels – Bon Bijou brooches – H&M hat – Irina Marinescu silver bracelet – Cartier bracelet – Spektre sunglasses from Optiblu Photos by […]

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Once You Become Fearless Life Becomes Limitless

Living Art

    Now, what a powerful quote to start the week – the title I mean. Cause right now I`m looking like this    Saying is easy, doing on the other hand…let`s see some tricks.   Well, the first one can be exactly what I`m doing now – enjoying some personal moments. Yes, with ice […]

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My Morning with Grand Plaisir by Nicolai Tand

Living Art

    Since I`ve been stating this for a while – the McDonald`s lover thing, sorry, I don`t like hypocrisy, I love and eat McDonald`s (as stated many times including here). Call it my special sin if you want but fact is fact – I was invited to attend a special launch, their new summer […]

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First Listen Of Inna`s Bop Bop

Living ArtMorodan TV

    Here`s us, listening for the first time to Inna`a Bop Bop before its launch. I don`t know about you but this song it`s already in mind head.                         

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