June 2015

Why Authenticity is Magnetic

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    We start off in life with wings open, trusty that we will conquer the world. And then The World happens. And then you’ve done it. You’ve lost your way. You went from speaking your mind to ReTweeting another guy. Which is fine for now. Once or twice. The problem is it gets easier […]

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The Astonishing World of Csilla Tulogdy

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    Yes, this blog is a business and yes I make money out of it. That`s just how it should exactly be because I`m an independent lady, but do you want to know what`s truly rewarding when doing this blogging, Kol business? Having the chance to meet and work with inspiring individuals who live […]

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Our country. The mountains, forests and rivers. The sea… One can say we have it all. We have everything to be happy. The Mehedinti region has a special place in my heart (I will tell you the story other time #smile) . Wwhen Victor Bogdan Gheorghiță, a young photographer from Bucharest, invited me to see […]

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Curating the Intel and Lenovo Exhibition

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  I was so honored to be chosen to curate the Intel and Lenovo for Fashion exhibition during Romanian Design Week. This extremely acclaimed exhibition had as purpose to digitalize Romania`s Fashion History and revive moments or personalities which had a notable or even huge impact on the lifestyle and fashion scene in their era. The video […]

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In Between Meetings

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Cleo bag  available on Adona.ro,  Zara pants, Topshop blouse and blazer, Ana Morodan at Smiling Shoes heels Photos by Silvia Postolatiev     I think I`m starting to finally chill about my work load and try to insert some respiro moments. I had to have a little break at this wonderful spot Silvia discovered. You might […]

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