June 2015

Countless Ways of Working

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Chloe bag, Italian Vintage.ro brooches, H&M pants, Morodan Shop blouse, PNK Casual  blazer, Prada sunglasses, Cartier bracelet       Greetings from in between meetings, showroom redecoration, furniture shopping, Morodan Shop item delivery and, and, and. It`s  fun, I like building my business. And I like working efficiently. This being the greatest trick. And the biggest […]

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Molecule F – Their 5 years Celebration and My Golden Dress

Living Art

      This year`s Molecule F celebration party hit it goooood. I can say they set a hard to top standard when it comes to fashionable events. It was their biggest and WOW-est event so far.  And I can say it was my most visible event too. You know, with a dress like this I […]

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A Petite Fascinable Woman called Chanel

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  Ohh well, it`s Friday morning. Any kind of help is needed and appreciated. Doing my own beauty routine might prove quite challenging from time to time. It`s always best to have a friend who takes care of everything.       Funny how decades later she still fascinates us. And she was not focused […]

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Flashback to my Fratelli Party and an Obsesssion

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  I`ve just realized an hour ago that I have some memories I want to share with you. I was invited to host a party in Fratelli Cafe a few months ago and looking again through the pictures I realized some of them have something in common – ice cream. Better yet, Haagen-Dazs ice cream. Yes, I […]

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The Fascination Factor

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Nita Sao head accessories – Pnk Casual dresses – Parfois bracelets  © Serban Cristea     I spent the last week in the Danube Delta at Doi Capitani, a wonderful and serene place in Crisan. Naturally, I took a whole wardrobe with me. #fashionistaissues And yes, hats too. I always considered that hats and glamour are a lady`s […]

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